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kingdom building


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Alexander reincarnate to fantasy world who the original body owner fallen to a complicate plot of the royal court force to a remote barren lands with a force to be wife.(No harem) Author thoughts: Hello guys am just doing this for fun, I love kingdom building novel but am bored of the smart guys build guns and just Goomba stump the world so Am taking my spin in this magically world with guns not being op you know one musket cant kill a wizard but have army with guns can and beat the medieval army too make sense but what stopping a task force of op wizard and knight just killing the mc just like the hero killing the demon king foreshadowing who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , so am leading this story to more behind the scene planning no just get guns cannon surprise everyone become overlord, no more of that, this mc is one with hidden identity and Focus more one the different player reacting to the mc shenanigan and not just sand bags to get beaten up, they should ability to be able to reach their position ONE LAST thing I don't know where am going with this so I hope to leave lots of review of where you thing I should go with the story.


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