6 Chapter 4: Spark of darkness

Unknown location----

In a dark room which have a large clock, we see Woz is reading his book but suddenly as if he felt our intrusion, he closed the book and turned towards our direction breaking the barrier between reality and fiction.

"Blake Diller an ordinary 17 years old high school student, destined to wield the power of the king of time Ohma Zio, but because of a mysterious attacker who killed his majesty and caused an early awakening of his powers, the timeline has changed from it true path. Now his majesty is going face a crucial trail, which will determine the path he will choose."

Woz started to walk toward the giant clock and stopped at the edge of it. "Power is a very ancient catalyst for change, it can change the heart of a person and place in many ways, some choose to be heroes, others choose to be villains, my king choose to be neither and only collect his lost powers but that decision of his will soon be challenged." Woz closed the book and with gloomy eyes said.

"I can only hope, that in abyss of this darkness, my king can find the light of hope."

Blake's POV---- Blake's bedroom-----

I am currently relaxing on my bed, it's been a month since that another ex-aid incident, people are slowly starting to clam down about the hype of Zio, media found out a footage of the final fight with 'another ex-aid' and I guess earned a lot of views by showing my 'Zio Build armor' but collecting ridewatch have become easy after that. I got the ghost ridewatch next day beside my pillow when I wake up next day, I freaked out at first as I thought how the hell did it get here? but when I asked Woz, he told me it was completely random where the ridewatch will appear in the timeline but they tends to appear in a place where they can get to their true owner, which is me. If this is the case then why the hell other ridewatch appeared so far away from me? well whatever.

then I got 'drive ridewatch' before someone could become a another ride. After the incident with another ex-aid I realized just how dangerous ridewatches are. if I didn't collect them quickly then someone else will get hurt because of some jackass who think he is unbeatable because of a ridewatch. Woz told me I should not pressure myself with collecting ridewatch too much but I am still determined to collect the remaining ridewatch before anyone could become another rider.

But the most shocking thing that is going on media these days and also a major reason why the hype towards Zio is going down is because the CEO of 'stark industries' has been kidnapped during a demonstration in Afghanistan. These days media is pretty busy because of this news, I can see that this is a very juicy news and a part of me thanks me Tony stark for getting kidnapped as I was getting a headache of everyone speaking about Zio all the time, I mean I can't help it every time I heard someone talking about Zio, I get tensed if they will discover me somehow.

Anyway I hope that Tony stark get rescued quickly, although he is a playboy like character who don't care about anyone but the guy is a genius and the entire 'stark industries' depend on him, also if I don't like someone doesn't mean that guy should experience tragedies like these. I have no right on anyone's life except myself.

As I was rambling all these things in my head I suddenly heard a voice through telepathy. {Your majesty, is this a correct time for you?} I replied knowing who it is {yes it is Woz, what happened?}. Woz replied {I have found another ridewatch location your majesty.} that was it for me, another ridewatch, out of 9 I already got 4 and I quickly want to collect the remaining 5 watches. {Great! I will meet you right now Woz, wait for me.} {As you wish, your majesty} although Woz replied to me for some reason I could sense some sadness in his tone. I can only wonder why?

streets of New York----- No one's POV----

The city of New York is busy as always, the attacks from 'another ex-aid' that happened several weeks ago seems to be a matter of past, it's really weird how people just forget about everything if it's not in trend.

In one of the sidewalks, we can see a boy wearing a black jacket is going somewhere and with him another man with a little weird dress, a scarf and a book is following him, this is our protagonist Blake and Woz respectively, currently they are on their way towards the 5th ridewatch. Blake suddenly asked Woz "you are awfully quiet Woz, generally you always explain me about who have the ridewatch. Did something happen?" Woz gives my a troubled smile and said "no... no your majesty, it's nothing like that..." Blake replied "ok, if you say so." Woz was about to say something but choose not to.

After walking for a few minutes they reach their destination and from the looks of it, this time the 'another ridewatch' is in a high school. Blake know this school, their own school had a competition with them previous year and it was a great match between both teams. Blake turns toward Woz and asked him "So, Woz who have the 'another ridewatch' this time?" Woz opened his book and started to read from it.

"According to this book, the next ridewatch that his majesty will get is of Kamen rider wizard, currently the power of Kamen rider wizard is with 17 years old, Jack Smith. He found the 'wizard ridewatch' and it gave the powers of elemental control, teleportation, dream manipulation, hypnosis, weapon creation and many more. Basically your majesty, the power of Kamen rider wizard is to change reality according to one's imagination but the more strong change you want to make, the more life energy you need."

"Life energy?" (a/n: In Kamen rider wizard, there is something called 'create ring' which the main villain wanted, that ring could make any type of timeline user want but it need a sh*t ton of mana. It is a little confusing for me that from where exactly mana is coming. So I created my own version.)

"Life energy or mana, is within everyone and it can be determined by their connection to the 'mental realm'. Kamen rider wizard used these power and store it in rings to perform magic." Woz explained. "Great! then we just need to go there. Get the ridewatch. And I will have a new ridewatch and Kamen rider wizard powers. alright let's go Woz."

"Wait a minute your majesty." Blake looked towards Woz "hmm? what is it Woz?"

"Your majesty, do you think we should just barge in there? I mean by what I know, his majesty wants to protect his identity, so you won't be able to transform if that person 'Jack' attack you." Blake give it a thought "oh yeah. you are right! sorry Woz, it just didn't come to me."

Woz told Blake in a sincere voice "(exhales) your majesty, please don't pressure yourself by always thinking about ridewatch, lately I have seen you become rather obsessed about them. If I may ask why are you so focused on them?" Blake thought for a second but replied with a smile "Don't worry Woz nothing serious going on." Woz sighed "If you say so your majesty."

Blake summons a ridewatch in his hand and said "Ok, now for the current problem, how about we use this ridewatch?" Blake press the button on the ridewatch

(mechanical sound) *Ghost!*

Woz smiles and said "the power of Kamen rider Ghost? hmm... Impressive! as expected of his majesty." Although Blake won't be able to use true power of Kamen rider ghost at the moment but currently he can have the power of invisibility, intangibility and some other ghostly powers offered by the ridewatch.

Both Woz and Blake turns invisible and intangible and proceed towards the school to find their target, who currently is busy in his own thoughts. Much of which is filled with the new powers that he have discovered a few days ago.

Jack's POV-----

Something totally crazy happened to me a few days ago, I found a weird looking watch when I was going back from school that day. At first I thought it's some kind of toy but when I pressed a button on it, a distorted voice sounded


And something happened that I would never forgot, the watch seemed to assimilate with my hand and I transformed into something else, something powerful.


I could feel everything around me better than ever. however the real treat came when I learn about all the abilities I could use, it seems like a never ending lists, the more I tried, the more I discovered about it. Now I could use abilities even without transforming. But there is one thing that I was confused at first, origin of that watch but luckily I got a hint for that, when I saw that superhero 'Zio' fighting that monster. That monster which 'Zio' defeated looks kind of same like me when I transformed but a little different, this information was very bad for me. It means 'Zio' is looking after my watch and after witnessing it's power, I will be an idiot if I gave it away but unlike that idiot who got beaten by 'Zio' I am not going to ran rampart in the city like a total maniac, I mean why should I? I will be living my life to the fullest without a care for anything and enjoy it with these powers. I don't need something like money anymore. I could get anything I want by magic. If I do that 'Zio' won't even be able to find me and since he is a superhero, he won't be attacking me for nothing, so if something happens I will be able to teleport from there.

I have been thinking about a particular thing for sometime now, among all my powers, there is one power that I like the most. That is 'mind control', this magic is the most powerful according to me. I have used this magic in many cases, some local stores, bullies and even used it on some thieves trying to rob a couple. But you know what? out of all the things I did with my 'mind control' today I am going to try something more interesting. And if it works I will be like a god among all these people because I know my mind control can only work like a mental suggestion to the victim but if I can get today's experiment successful it will work as a command to my targets, an unquestionable command which they need to do anyhow. Who needs fancy powers when I could make everyone my slave with just a thought. But I know that is still very far at my current skill level.

While roaming the school campus, searching for my target. I finally found her, ' Ester Lane' she is a part of cheerleading team, one of the most sexy girl in school and her family is also pretty rich. I heard she had a breakup with her boyfriend recently, this means her mind will be weak to influence, although I have confidence in my power but for my first time, I will try someone with a less difficulty

I approached her and started to release my powers and started to influence her mind, this is the part I have done many times, giving a little influence to their mind to guide a person's behavior. But today I will try to imprint a command in her mind. "hello Ester." Ester looked towards me a little confused "oh hello umm..." In reality Ester wouldn't even bothered to reply to my hello but I am slowly influencing her mind, "oh come on! Ester, don't tell me you forget your friend Jack already."

"Oh no no no! I was just lost in thoughts and you suddenly spooked me a little."

"Oh is that so. Sorry about that Ester but could you come with me for a second I don't think we should talk about this here, I mean, you told me this is a little private for you." Now with that sentence and a little bit of mind influencing, I have her focused on a particular topic, so when I will try to make her a obedient slave, her mind will be too focused to be cautioned about me. And as I thought exactly that happened. I started to walk towards the 'store room' part of the school where no one generally come. until now everything is going according to the plan. Some might think what is my plan? well I thought about this really well and found out what could be best way to break her mind to despair because in times of despair she would be totally vulnerable and I will use that weak mental state to turn her in a obedient slave. As my first time I needed a lot of steps to do this but when I become an expert in this 'mind control' I will be able to make someone my slave with just a single word. As for how I will break her mind, it's pretty easy. I will have sex with her while recording it and then I will blackmail her a few time to have sex with me again , until I can get the feeling of how someone's mind breakdown and if she became a slave before I could understand the process of my powers, well I have plenty of volunteers in cheerleader club.

We reached the store room and I closed the door while she entered inside, her mind is getting cautious, I can feel it and I need to do something before she can come to her senses. I closed the gap between us and started to make her mind relax to my advances, I will make her feel despair after our little session. "umm... Jack? what are you doing?"

"it's okay Ester, your ex-boyfriend hurt you so much, didn't he? let me help you feel better."

"I... no Jack... something feels wrong about this."

"nothing is wrong Ester. Just enjoy this moment." Everything was going right , I was about to get started and I could feel her mind getting weaker to my influence but suddenly. "!!!!!!!" A Pain! A burning sensation! likes of which I have never experienced, started to spread from the right side of my face. I am sure my skull would have been crushed, if I haven't transformed to my 'monster form' but even then I got knocked out from the store room to the football ground in the campus. while on that carter made by my fall, I thought 'What the hell happened' and I quickly got the answer in the form of a loud voice "You! Bastard!!"

Blake's POV-----

I don't know this anger and disgust I am feeling right now, a few minutes earlier when Woz and I started to search the one with 'wizard' ridewatch, I was fully prepared to use violence if necessary, because I know that for someone of my age, giving up this type of power could be very difficult, hell I don't know if I myself will be able to give away this power. But still I was ready to fight.

Then we found our target, Jack smith roaming the campus but he seems very clam and those shy type of guy who have very few friends. I asked Woz about his behavior and from Woz explanation, he seems a average guy but that averageness started to change from the moment he got 'wizard ridewatch' for first couple of times he only defended himself but soon he started to explore his abilities, one power he grew a liking is 'mind control'. I think getting isolated from others and having few friends could effect mental health, at that point I thought, I will become his friend and I will try to explain my reason for taking the 'ridewatch' even if he choose violence first, I can relate to that loneliness quite a bit, I also have less friends myself.

But this is where things started to get haywire, the more I observed him, the more I felt a dreaded feeling from my heart, my guts are telling me something very wrong is going to happen but I didn't want to believe that someone like him, who was victim of bullying a few days ago, will do what I am thinking.

But it did happen or at least was about to happen, the moment I became sure of what he was going to do to that girl Ester, something snapped in my mind, I was not in control of myself anymore, I punched the guy in jaw and he flew from store room to football ground, I even transformed without knowing, the driver and ridewatch automatically transformed me in 'Zio build armor form' but I was too angry to notice that, am I angry at him for trying to rape? Yes, I am but more than that I am angry for something else, I don't know what? but I am sure there is another reason.

Currently I saw him transformed into 'another wizard' and trying to defend against my attacks, 'trying' is the keyword here, as my speed and punches are getting faster than he could keep up but something else is also happening to me. If I had my senses at this time, I would have noticed that my pink energy layer around my body and my eyes are changing into something else, a new black and gold coloured energy is replacing it little by little, my eyes are turning into dark red and most importantly my 'Zio' ridewatch which is a mix of silver, white and pink is turning into the same black and gold colour. Just what is happening??

*Boom* I punched the 'another wizard' with an energy of black and gold but it goes unnoticed by me, Jack transformed back to human and red particles came from his body and formed a ridewatch in front of me. I grabbed him by his shirt and saw his messed up face.

"Why? Why would you do something like that? don't you know yourself, what it feels like to be in despair, where every second passes with anxiety." I asked but heard no reply from him, probably because of his swollen face "I can't believe a student like me could even try something like this." again no reply and my eyes are still glowing red, now my anger is going a little overboard and I was about to do something I will regret latter. "we all have weird fantasies in mind but having a thought and actually trying to do that is the difference between a person and a monster. you have no right to live!! " this time however he replied although in a very low and broken tone" and who are you to decide my fate?".

"who am I? YOU scumbag!! I AM THE KIN- !!!" my anger is replaced with confusion at the moment and I dropped him, what am I doing? why did I say that sentence? at that point I noticed the black and gold energy around me but as I let go of my anger it also vanished. I noticed my surrounding, it filled with all the students and some staff member, either recording my actions or too stunned by all the event. I couldn't think straight and out of reflex teleported from that place. I need a fresh breadth of air and a good time with my family. something is not right.

SHIELD headquarter---- No one's POV----

Within the headquarter of SHIELD, we follow a long hallway where we can see various people discussing about various important mission, at the end of the hallway we can see a office, this belongs to the best spy in the world aka Nick Fury and currently he is in a conversation with Maria Hill. They both finished watching the footage of 'Zio' beating 'another wizard' who turned into a boy named Jack Smith but 'Zio' suddenly dropped him and teleported. The police was called by the school and currently Jack is charged with 'sexual harassment', as stated by school cheerleader club member Ester. Fury turned toward Maria.

"Do we have any lead on the identity of 'Zio'?"

"Although we have focused most of our resources to find Tony Stark but we do have something that we found Sir." Fury showed interest "I am listening Maria" Maria opened a folders with multiple photos and most of them are of Zio, Woz and Blake. "we have found out sir that this individual in scarf, holding a book is always with both 'Zio' and this boy Blake. we have suspicions they are connected." Fury looked at the photos for a few second and said. "Observe him and find out more about him, I guess it's time we pay him a visit and learn about this 'Zio' and access his threat level."

"Got it Sir!" with a salute Maria left.

In an unknown forest-------

We see the same hooded man that attacked Zio, he have some tracker in his hand and is roaming the forest in night sky. suddenly his tracker beeped loud noises and he stopped. "It should be close from here." the man looked toward a bush and walked their to find the important thing he was searching, a ridewatch. "After 50 attempts to fix this tracker, I finally found you." he picks the ridewatch and pressed the button. A voice sounded from it.

(mechanical sound) *Giam!!!*

Blake's house------

After teleporting away from the previous incident Blake needed to cool off his head, he went to his home and now after a warm family dinner, we found Blake in front of bathroom mirror, thinking about his previous deeds, he didn't talk with Woz because he didn't want to remember all the fight but he came to realize the more he try not to think about it, the more his mind moves toward that thought. 'why did I say those words? I never saw myself as a king or something, I just saw it as my responsibility to collect the ridewatch because only I can purify it. Then why did I say that? and what was those black and gold energies.'

Suddenly he hears a voice "you should have killed that scum." Blake got agitated and looked around him to find the owner of the voice "who is it?" but he couldn't find anyone "hmm... strange. I was sure I hear something." after not finding anyone Blake leaves the bathroom to go toward his room and get a good sleep but he didn't notice that even though he left, his reflection on the mirror still remain unmoved and the mirror him is looking at him intently. Only time will tell what trouble is brewing for Blake.

Kamar Taj-------

In the inner parts of the mountains of Kamar Taj there exists the temple of the supreme sorcerer of earth who have dedicated her entire life for the protection of earth from all the extradimensional threats.

But the sorcerer supreme also known as Ancient one is also the user of a infinity stone, specifically time stone but it is from the day of the start of this year the power of the time stone which can be used to see the future of the universe has been completely vanished, as if something is blocking it's power.

Ancient one didn't tell her students as this can agitate them and cause mass panic but with much effort she was able to find various point of fracture in timeline caused by something unknown and when she investigate she found two weird looking watch like thing, she was curious about their origin and thought them to be some new cosmic powers but when she saw a fight between a so called superhero and a monster in T.V. she saw something similar with that said superhero.

Now ancient one is sure the something very deep is happening and soon she will have to encounter with that 'hero' as he was collecting these watches by the looks of it, well she is not wrong about that, she will have her encounter with Blake Diller aka 'Kamen rider Zio'. as for how it will go, I guess you just need to wait for next time.

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