King time- altered timeline (marvel x kamen rider) Book

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King time- altered timeline (marvel x kamen rider)


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In the world of MCU there are many being with powers beyond comprehension like the celestials, cosmic entities and the most supreme being TOAA but what if the demon king of time "ohma zio" someone with equal power that of TOAA came in the picture. How will the cosmic entities reacts to this situation? will the mad titan get what he wants? will celestials fear him or will they perish trying to oppose him? This is the story of a boy who will inherit the power of the strongest king who have no equal but he is surprisingly humble? IWAE!! for the advent of the new king!! ******** This is a kamen rider x marvel fanfiction All credits goes to respected creators of each media. there is a prequel to this fanfic that I will post after this book is completed.


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