King Of Chaos

In the vast and boundless sky called Chaos, there exist countless universes. Ye Xiao, a person who rose from one of these universes was reborn in the Land of Morning Stars. With the blessings of Morning Stars, Ye Xiao again rose in power and solved the mystery of the Lotus of Chaos that was hiding an entire universe within, and was capable of doing countless miracles. Born with nine special abilities, Ye Xiao walked down the path of King, the person known as the First King to rule over the entire Chaos, captured boundless stars, devoured countless Universes, and finally created his own Chaos, becoming the King of Chaos. This is the story of Ye Xiao adventuring into Chaos to create Chaos and rule Chaos. Everything Is Chaos!

RazaKarim · Fantasy
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487 Chs

Ch 388: The Phantom Of War God

Ling Xiaolong used Comprehensive Energy to enter the mysterious state of enlightenment. The moment he entered this state, that unbearable pain, all those uncomfortable feelings, the sensation of being full, and the fear of his body exploding because of the surge of overwhelming pure energy, everything disappeared.

Finally, he was able to circulate the Three Cycle Mastery without feeling anything.

Time once again started passing.

Because Ling Xiaolong was in the enlightenment state, he was unable to feel the passage of time.

On this day, a heaven-toppling aura burst out from within the Mountain Valley, piercing through the sky.

In the sky, an enormous phantom of a War God materialized, its presence reverberating throughout the Land of Luminous Essence. The colossal War God wielded a spear in one hand and a blade in the other.