King Of Chaos

In the vast and boundless sky called Chaos, there exist countless universes. Ye Xiao, a person who rose from one of these universes was reborn in the Land of Morning Stars. With the blessings of Morning Stars, Ye Xiao again rose in power and solved the mystery of the Lotus of Chaos that was hiding an entire universe within, and was capable of doing countless miracles. Born with nine special abilities, Ye Xiao walked down the path of King, the person known as the First King to rule over the entire Chaos, captured boundless stars, devoured countless Universes, and finally created his own Chaos, becoming the King of Chaos. This is the story of Ye Xiao adventuring into Chaos to create Chaos and rule Chaos. Everything Is Chaos!

RazaKarim · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
487 Chs

Ch 319: Zhao Yan

Ye Xiao retracted his Divine Sense and made up his mind to kill the enemy he had come looking for in this Land. 

Those people were located in the central area of the Zhao Family. Ye Xiao had to cross several courtyards in the middle before he could reach there.

In fact, he could have chosen to simply teleport, however, he decided to kill and burn all the Worms to ashes with his Universe Essence Flame along the way.

So, he did not teleport, instead, he started walking from one courtyard to another, killing all the Worms he saw. 

It was already late at night, so even though those Worms did not rest, they rarely moved around outside. Other than the group of patrolling guards, Ye Xiao did not run into anyone else who could disturb him.

He easily went around killing one after another.

After a while, Ye Xiao appeared in front of a room that was lit brightly.