King Arthur Won't Die by Accident

"My child, the moment you drew your sword and became king, the knights of Camelot were all shouting the same name - Arthur!" The witch's whisper reminded Arthur of the day when he drew his sword. Arturia and Merlin wanted to tear him apart from their questioning and weird looks. "The people yearn for your glory, and the Saxons fear your power." Arthur glanced at the crazy fanatics surrounding the castle, as well as the Saxon laborers who had just been captured by Gawain. "You are a kind, honest, enthusiastic, righteous, and wise King!" Updates Daily Monday-Friday Read up to 30 Chapters ahead at P@treon.com/TrashProspector This is a TL: OG Author: Mingyue Bengwuchen

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Chapter 25: The Reserve of a King

On the day of the king-making ceremony, the Saxon army, totaling 10,000 people, crossed the defense line formed by the northern kings, as well as several tribes and towns in the middle, and directly attacked Camelot?

Today was chosen because the purpose was too strong.

For a moment, all the nobles present fell into panic.


An army of ten thousand in total is not a scattered army. A large-scale movement may not be discovered.

However, this army succeeded in breaking through the defenses of the northern kings.

Is this army powerful?

Of course not. If even 10,000 Saxons could not withstand it, the northern countries would have been lost long ago. How could they have sustained it until now?

Then there is only one explanation.

"The kings of the north have betrayed us!"

"Those bastards actually allowed the Saxons to attack Camelot. Did they even ignore the glory and the overall situation of Britain?!"

"If Camelot fell and became a Saxon military base, it would simply open the door of Britain to the enemy. Why don't you understand this?"

The nobles were panicked and nervous, clearly showing everyone's self-consciousness.

Perhaps for those who are used to living a comfortable and luxurious life, this news is a bit too exciting.

On the other hand, the civilians and knights were not afraid of the enemy's arrival, but were vaguely looking forward to it. Because according to the prophecy, Arthur is the incarnation of the Red Dragon and will eventually defeat the White Dragon King Vortigern. So today's army of only 10,000 people, in front of King Arthur, I'm afraid it can be defeated without any effort.

Civilians, just prepare to cheer in triumph.

Knights, just follow the king and kill enemies to win glory.

See, it's that simple, what's there to worry about?

Arturia and Merlin looked at each other, frowning.

A girl who was raised as a container for the "Ideal King" would not think of things as simply as ordinary people. Due to the responsibilities brought by her status, even though she is only the princess of Camelot now, she still has a detailed understanding of Camelot's various arrangements.

Preliminary statistics show that there are about 300 knights, 500 horses, and only 4,000 soldiers in Camelot at this moment.

To face an army of 10,000 Saxons with such strength was to risk death.

Thinking of this, she walked quickly to Arthur and persuaded, "Arthur, please retreat for now. Although you have just become the king today, it is insulting to your honor to issue a retreat order, but that is an army of 10,000 people. A head-on attack will directly destroy the entire Camelot."

This is actually a pretty sensible decision.

Even Gawain, Lancelot, and Kay didn't refute anything after hearing it.

They are all powerful knights, but the role of individual strength in large-scale battles is not so obvious. They can defeat hundreds or thousands of people, but they cannot defeat ten thousand people in an instant.

It is true that the three powerful knights are not afraid, nor do they think that a mere ten thousand people can kill them.

But what if he defeated ten thousand people?

Once Camelot is lost and its people are violated, it will be meaningless no matter how many enemies they defeat.

"Is this your judgment, Sister? A very wise decision. Before the lives of the people, even honors that are more important than life can be abandoned. This is the basic quality of a monarch." Arthur agreed and nodded.

However, in this era, only the people of Camelot will be happy, because once the land of Camelot is left, the people's lives will be full of suffering.

"That..." The girl looked happy.

But before she could be happy, Arthur shattered her illusions.

"However, this principle does not apply to me... no, it does not apply to the current form of Camelot. I will not retreat, and will take the initiative to defeat all invading enemies!"

"You—" Artoria said angrily, "It's obvious that Camelot doesn't have that many soldiers now."

"No, Sister. You can't say this." Arthur said quite disappointedly: "The essence of war is not a fight, but a means. Do you think the Saxons came all the way just to humiliate me?"

"What do you mean?"

"War is a means, not an end. If Camelot falls this time, what do you think the Saxons can achieve, and what kind of situation will Camelot be in? I must fight and win. You might as well imagine, "If I can win, what can I achieve and gain?"" Arthur smiled, patted Kay's shoulder, and looked past Artoria.

"Wait a minute! If that's the case, then I'll also—"

Arturia hurriedly stepped forward.

This is a crisis that affects the entire Camelot, and she is willing to put aside her prejudices and fight against the enemy together.

Merlin also stepped forward and said with a smile, "Then let me show my skills. I can be considered a palace magician. If I don't put in some effort at this moment, people will gossip about me."

He doesn't care about that, as long as it's interesting.

Everything today is filled with too many secrets, and the truth and Arthur's decision are much more interesting than the original promise to Uther to create the ideal king.

"Hmph! You can stay here with peace of mind. Even if Camelot has declined, there is no reason for a country's princess to go to the battlefield." Arthur sternly refused.

If Artoria is allowed to participate today, the conversation will fall into disgrace in the future, and even victory will be meaningless.


[Task trigger]

[Initial Formation

Requirement: The enemy has arrived at the city, and it is the king's reserve to protect the people.

Reward: Skill - Word Spirit. ]

Sure enough, even if it is artificially provoked, as long as it promotes an incident related to the dignity or reputation of the king, or even the fate of the country, the system task will be triggered.

Arthur was already serious and said, "Merlin, you too. As the most advanced magician, your ability is beyond doubt. The safety of the citizens of Camelot is left to you. I don't want to see that when I win and return in triumph, Camelot is in shambles."

"Oh my, am I disliked?"

Merlin's frivolous words caused Kay to glare fiercely.

But a mere look was obviously not enough to dissuade Merlin. The man ignored the order and wanted to follow Arthur, but was stopped by Lancelot and Gawain.

It seemed that if Merlin continued to be so unscrupulous, he would probably be beaten.


Outside Camelot.

Arthur led the army and moved forward at great speed.

The enemy is so close that a slight hasty march will not affect the rest of the battle.

A team with a total of 4,000 people can move more easily than the opponent with 10,000 people.

Gawain, Lancelot, and Kay accompany Arthur.

Although as knights, their loyalty to Arthur allowed them to execute orders unconditionally, they were still worried.

"My king, even I don't have much confidence in the enemy's army of 10,000 people. If a battle breaks out soon, please stay by my side. Even if I risk my life, I will definitely protect your safety."

Looking at Lancelot who showed his loyalty, Gawain and Kay both cast disdainful glances.

Do you dare to wipe away the nosebleed before speaking?

But then again...

My king, who cannot ride a horse, is trying hard to persevere, fearing that he will fall off and make a fool of himself. It's really cute~!

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