King Arthur Won't Die by Accident

"My child, the moment you drew your sword and became king, the knights of Camelot were all shouting the same name - Arthur!" The witch's whisper reminded Arthur of the day when he drew his sword. Arturia and Merlin wanted to tear him apart from their questioning and weird looks. "The people yearn for your glory, and the Saxons fear your power." Arthur glanced at the crazy fanatics surrounding the castle, as well as the Saxon laborers who had just been captured by Gawain. "You are a kind, honest, enthusiastic, righteous, and wise King!" Updates Daily Monday-Friday Read up to 30 Chapters ahead at P@treon.com/TrashProspector This is a TL: OG Author: Mingyue Bengwuchen

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Chapter 24: I, Morgan, am Super Smart!

The king beyond King Uther?

It's a pretty simple goal, to be honest.

At most, King Uther improved people's lives a little, and his reputation was based on his bravery. In the end, he was pinned to the ground and rubbed by the traitor Vortigern, which was simply embarrassing.

If that's all it is, that's it.

"Of course I'm not convinced. My little Arthur is definitely better than the Artoria he trained." Morgan said mysteriously.

Arthur: ? ? ?

Why is Artoria involved again?

Better than the Red Dragon? Spare me! Under normal circumstances, she can chase and chop me to death!

"So...so what did you do?" Arthur's voice began to tremble.

"So I made a bet with him. As long as Arthur makes the country stronger, little Arthur can be the king with peace of mind, and Merlin will not cause trouble. On the contrary, Merlin has the power to assassinate you at any time, and I'll help Artoria be King. But that's impossible. How could little Arthur go wrong? Besides, he still has my help."

Morgan clenched his fists and said angrily.

After saying that, he also showed a look of "Praise me! Praise me! Hurry up and praise me!"

Arthur was completely devastated.

I (British expletive) thank you so much!

Arthur swore that he had never wanted to throw Morgan out of the window more than he did now, and he almost lost the sword in his hand.

It's really close!

Merlin? The majestic British Swordsman, asking him to assassinate me, is he looking down too much on me, right? Is there any chance of my (British expletive) survival? !

The most important thing is that even if he wins the bet, it will not benefit Arthur at all!

There is no benefit if you win, and you will die if you lose. You are really smart. Arthur looked at Morgan like he was looking at a fool.

I always thought you were stupid. I'm sorry, I underestimated you. You are so stupid!

He looked away stiffly and glanced at Merlin, who was smiling and nodding to him. His eyes changed from shock at first to fear, and finally mixed with a little contempt.

You evil beast, you actually have the heart to deceive a fool and eat my mighty dragon!

"I... thank you, Elder Sister." He reluctantly said this, his smile could no longer be maintained.

Not only him, Kay's expression also changed.

The name of the enchantress is well-deserved, and she is a disaster wherever she is placed!

Arthur slumped on the throne, his heart was extremely broken, his eyes were dead.

[The task (drawing the sword) is completed. Rewards are distributed and body optimization starts automatically]

The moment he puts on the crown, Arthur's long-cherished mission is finally completed, and the lifespan problem is solved. He had thought that this moment would be exciting, joyful, and even helpless. But at this moment, he couldn't be happy at all.


The ceremony ended successfully.

Generally speaking, even if Camelot has declined, it is still of considerable importance among the British nations. For such an important ceremony, not only the nobles of Camelot should come to watch the ceremony, but also the kings and nobles of the surrounding kingdoms, as well as the kings with closer relationships, should be invited.

But no.

Regarding the succession to the throne, Arthur showed considerable eagerness and made many arrangements.

Yes, very eager, as if he would not be able to successfully ascend to the throne if he was later. At the same time, this eagerness was seen by the kings, and they would naturally think that Arthur was timid, ignorant of rules, arrogant, and had a problem with his identity.

Even now, there are many kings who think Arthur is a self-righteous guy and don't bother to invite them.

Of course those have nothing to do with what Arthur is doing now.

At this moment, most of the nobles were quietly accompanying Arthur, and a few found reasons to retreat after the ceremony in the inner hall. At this moment, the nobles were hiding in a dark corner, seeming to be plotting something in a low voice.

Arthur, on the other hand, was speaking in front of the people, but it still took a lot of effort to get everyone to hear his voice, even with Morgan using magic to assist him.

Especially after the system optimized his body, the muscles did not become stronger as expected, but instead became weaker. Even the sword of choice that he had been wearing around his waist was making him feel tired. But there was an unusual sense of relief, and something that was weighing on me disappeared.

The feeling of weakness that had always been with him was gone, leaving only fatigue.

But it's just because I haven't slept for a few days. After that, I can recover as long as I have a good sleep.

Open the system panel again, and in the talent column, [Pseudo Red Dragon Factor] has disappeared. And in his hand, there was a mysterious red crystal that exuded a strong dragon aura.

"——Citizens of Camelot, there is no need to worry or be afraid. Just like the sage's prophecy, I will defeat the humble King Vortigern! But that will take time, so just wait patiently. "

"Keep your heads up, don't be disappointed, hold your heads up proudly! Waiting does not mean patience. It will take time to defeat Vortigern, but the restoration of Camelot has already begun the moment I put on the crown. In the name of King Arthur, I promise you that today will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today."

"Obey my orders and respond to my call, Camelot will surely prosper."

The powerless will be protected, life will become rich, and people will have their own wealth.

The dark clouds have been pierced by the sword, and the darkness will be driven away by the sunshine.

No difficulties can stop Camelot anymore, even in the face of natural disasters, it is not helpless.

Listening to Arthur's description of the future, people cheered excitedly and shouted "my king" all the time.

However, in the middle of the speech, a dark knight suddenly broke in, interrupting people's cheers.

"My King! King Arthur! I'm sorry, the ceremony must be terminated. News has just been sent back that the Saxons who were originally in the north gathered about 10,000 soldiers, directly crossed the defense lines of the northern kings, and came towards Camelot. It is expected that Will arrive at noon."

"Are there any casualties in the villages and towns along the way?" Arthur frowned.

"No, the Saxon army seems to be coming towards us, and there is no looting."

"Really, the whole of Britain knows that I will be crowned king today, so I specially chose today to launch an attack to prove that Merlin's prophecy is just a hoax. Those Saxons really think a lot."

"There is no doubt, my king, the barbarians are afraid of you. Afraid of the day when they will be destroyed by the incarnation of the Red Dragon!"

"Haha, that's right! Look, those are just a group of cowards! Then, let us teach the invaders a lesson about the price of arrogance. Knights and soldiers, follow me to face the enemy and march towards Britain! It proves that although the late king Uther lost, his will is not defeated. Compared with the Saxons, Camelot is more powerful!"

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