King Arthur Won't Die by Accident

"My child, the moment you drew your sword and became king, the knights of Camelot were all shouting the same name - Arthur!" The witch's whisper reminded Arthur of the day when he drew his sword. Arturia and Merlin wanted to tear him apart from their questioning and weird looks. "The people yearn for your glory, and the Saxons fear your power." Arthur glanced at the crazy fanatics surrounding the castle, as well as the Saxon laborers who had just been captured by Gawain. "You are a kind, honest, enthusiastic, righteous, and wise King!" Updates Daily Monday-Friday Read up to 30 Chapters ahead at P@treon.com/TrashProspector This is a TL: OG Author: Mingyue Bengwuchen

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Chapter 23: I am King Arthur

Weird, really weird.

Merlin looked humble, behaved respectfully, and most importantly, his attitude suddenly became serious. Whether it was in Arthur's eyes, Kay's eyes, or the eyes of all the noble knights, there was a shock as if they saw the sky falling.

Is this still the cynical Merlin?

What? In a formal occasion, even Merlin would be serious?

No no no! This is a huge misunderstanding. I think back when Uther was still there, even if he was chased and slashed by the humble king with a sword, wouldn't this guy still be watching the show with a cheerful expression? To expect this guy to be serious is simply fanciful.

The most important thing is that no matter how you think about this guy, he can't be sincere.

So Arthur reached out and pinched Kay. It was only when the other person showed signs of pain that he realized he was not dreaming.

Well, Arthur hasn't slept for several days, and now he can't tell reality from a dream.

He frowned, then stood up holding the Sword of Choice, looking around at everyone with a look of contempt.

"Gentlemen, I am Arthur Pendragon, just call me King Arthur."


How shameless!

But most people also noticed that Arthur didn't bother to talk to them at all. The knights loyal to Arthur will naturally support Arthur, and those who have shared the benefits in advance will naturally know how to cooperate. The nobles who opposed Arthur, even if Arthur said more beautiful words now, it would be useless.

Besides, what can you gain by saying more words?

Nothing is gained.

To inspire people, it should be done in front of the people of Camelot so that everyone can hear it. Only then will it be effective. With knights, they only talk about loyalty and honor; with nobles, they talk about interests, power and wealth.

This is how we negotiate.

"Those who acknowledge me must salute me, offer their loyalty, and shout my name."

Simple and crude.

No one expected that the succession to the throne would develop like this.

But soon, people made their choice.

With the sound of large pieces of armor rubbing against each other, almost all the knights swore allegiance with the highest courtesy and shouted Arthur's name.

"King Arthur!"

"King Arthur!"

"King Arthur!"

As expected.

The nobles thought to themselves, and immediately observed the reactions of their colleagues. Their expressions were instantly panicked, and the proud smiles on their lips became stiff and ugly.

It turns out that it's not just the knights who are shouting King Arthur, a quick glance shows that most of the nobles are doing the same thing.

Even Sir Geiger, who had previously taken the lead in opposing and expressing strong disdain, actually took the lead in saluting and shouted King Arthur louder than anyone else, expressing himself as if he was afraid that Arthur wouldn't hear. The enthusiasm flashing in his eyes made the bodies of the surrounding nobles tremble.

Even the nobles who had been bribed by Arthur before were not so excited.

Damn it! Geiger, what are you doing? Geiger, you are our leader!

The nobles stared blankly at the scene in front of them. They stood out among the crowd and were extremely conspicuous. They were all stunned.

Not only them, but also Arthur couldn't help but be stunned.

According to previous investigations, that fat pig seems to be the leader who is expected to organize the nobles to jointly exert pressure during the king's ceremony, right?

In all conscience, Arthur really didn't win over that naughty fat man.

Arturia frowned slightly, "This is simply... it's simply..."

"What, are you not convinced?" Arthur chuckled and said confidently: "Believe it or not, wait a minute, there will be no opponents."

"How is that possible?!" Artoria naturally didn't believe it.

However, humans are complex yet simple creatures.

Eternal nature never changes no matter where it is. For example, one of them is that individuals will be affected by the collective.

This is true regardless of actions, words, deeds, or thinking. Especially among nobles, this effect will become particularly exaggerated. Because the nobles are the class that can see the direction of the situation best and understand the truth that those who stand in front of the current will be drowned.

The nobles who can come to watch the ceremony today are of considerable background, and there is no fool who can climb up to this position.

Sure enough, the next moment, the cry was even louder.

"King Arthur! King Arthur! King Arthur!"

Everyone practices the highest level of etiquette.

Show loyalty and attitude.

Even though the loyalty of most of them needs to be questioned, this does not affect the fact that today's throne succession ceremony was extremely smooth.

"From this moment on, I am the Lord of Camelot, King Arthur!" Arthur drew out the chosen sword and raised it high.

The scene at this moment seemed to be back to the day when Arthur drew the sword of choice.

People's eyes were still so fanatical, the voices shouting for Arthur were still as deafening, and the shock to Artoria was no less than before.


"Are they really so excited because Arthur became king?" Artoria murmured.

Watching people's abnormal fanaticism, the girl always felt that something was wrong.

Her intuition told her that no matter whether he was a noble or a knight, his fanaticism towards Arthur was more than pure loyalty. Well, especially Gawain below who was trying hard to wipe away the nosebleed, which made the girl believe in her intuition even more.

At this time, Morgan walked up to Arthur, holding a crown set with several gems in his hand.

At this moment, the witch's eyebrows were a little less gloomy than those of the previous days.

She looked at Arthur with a smile, her slender body shaking slightly, trying her best to endure something.

In fact, she hadn't seen Arthur for a long time since arriving in Camelot. Even if you use your privileges to force your way into the other party's dormitory, you will only see the little guy who is passionate about his work, unable to communicate even a single sentence, and she can only leave sadly in the end.

This even made her regret forcing Arthur to draw his sword.

But now, it seems to be over.

As long as he wears this crown, little Arthur won't have to be as busy as before and will have more time to spend with herself, right?

The naive girl thought innocently and raised the crown, "Arthur, I'm proud of you. You finally did it. This is your mission, and it's also your obligation. You will make Camelot a better place, so believe me, I will definitely help you achieve this goal."

"Thank you, Princess Morgan le Fay."

So the new king put on the crown.

During the process, Arthur asked curiously.

"Elder Sister, you should know why Merlin is willing to host the ceremony, right? Why?"

The only person who can invite Merlin, besides Artoria, is Morgan.

Artoria didn't have to think about it, but if it was Morgan... Arthur was very worried.

"Ah, this~." Morgan smiled sweetly and said, "Some days ago, I went to find you. Although you didn't notice it, I heard it." Although the dream demon is a pleasure monster, he's still stuck in the trap. Merlin's status is real. If he can participate in the ceremony, it will be of great help in the future. "

"So...so what?"

Arthur trembled slightly, his bad premonition getting stronger.

"Merlin suddenly came to me yesterday and kept belittling you with his generous words. It was so irritating! So I said that little Arthur is perfect and will definitely become a king that surpasses his father."

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