1 Chapter 1; All right, I will avenge you...

"Bang bang bang!"

"Bang bang bang..!"

Inside the thick wild forest, you could hear gunshots as two sides fired against each other from different ends and angles

The battle was tight and so was the atmosphere tensed up, but one side of the party had already been overwhelmed and couldn't fight back as much anymore.

The number of gunshots and sounds dwindled as the aggressors tailed from behind carefully.

Since it was dark, it was hard to navigate through the thick wild forest, it had tall trees and bushes, and there were also thick thorns too, Xie Mo had protected her troop members but still, she was overpowered sustaining serious injuries.

Holding her handgun tightly in her palm, she plopped down onto the muddy ground as the heavy rain washed her, she leaned against the huge tree behind her taking cover as tears streamed down her supple cheeks continuously.

Her troop members died one by one protecting her while she watched and couldn't turn the disaster around, the huge loss whacked her off to the end.

She hadn't managed to save even one, how could she have known they have been betrayed? How could she have known it was a set-up? This mission was a setup to finish her off, but these innocent girls died because of her oversight.

"My dear fellow sisters, I'm sorry that I was the one who resulted in your demise, I'm unable to repent enough.." She felt heartbroken seeing them going down one by one. They were like her family.

She could tell this wasn't like any other ambush in this wild forest but rather a well-thought-out scheme to get rid of them completely.

She had already sustained severe injuries from the bullets, she was now weakened from too much blood loss as it gushed out from the gunshot wounds, she lifted her head and glanced at the gloomy sky while the strong winds breezed past the huge trees rustling the leaves.

The cold sent shivers down her spine as the rain droplets hit her face, she didn't expect her to end up like this.

"You are outrageous! I told you not to take this kind of mission but you never listen." A raw and ferocious voice sounded beside her, she had lost all hope of anyone finding them, but that one voice was all she needed to hear to smile.

Ling Qing who was just behind her, used her Jade eyes and located the aggressors, discerning their positions, she aimed at the attackers who were close by killing them instantly, the entire forest went quiet as everything else rested.

Xie Mo turned her neck around and gazed at her Mistress, she didn't need to see her face to know who it was, "Hehehe Lady Marshal... You are here" She mumbled as blood gushed out of her mouth.

She puked before she politely bowed her head respectfully, using her shirt sleeve, she wiped the spills of blood along the corner of her lips, she lifted her head and gazed at the woman in front of her with her watering eyes as her wet eyelashes flattered.

She was a beautiful woman and you could assume she escaped out of a painting, her calloused palms were still soft to the touch and so were her breathtaking eyes.

" All right, let's get the hell out of here." She wrapped her arms around her waist and picked her up princess-style before vanishing into the thick bushes.

"Lady Marshal, this servant has redeemed herself, I know my crime of betraying you, but I have already repaid and that's the much contribution I can offer you, my dear." Her weak hoarse voice sounded as her eyes dimmed, she wasn't optimistic anymore.

" Xie Mo... We have all the time." Ling Qing toned down her voice as she walked into the cave.

He placed her down and she leaned against the cave rock wall, "Lady Marshal, you can take over my identity, I won't survive this time, but my identity can keep you safe for just a short while." Xie Mo sputtered out more blood, she was seriously injured and many bullets had penetrated her body.

"You still need to serve me Xie Mo, so I will save you first.. so keep those words!" Ling Qing retorted back as she tried to stop the wounds from bleeding, using a piece of cloth torn from her pants, she began wrapping and securing them.

"It's already too late Lady Marshal, I have been poisoned for ages by polonium 120 and I just realized recently, and with these bullets inside my body, they catalyze the poison and it's acting up rapidly and circulating all over, what you need to do is save yourself first." Her hoarse voice was already fading away as she felt dizzy from too much blood loss.

"Xie Mo.." even though she was her servant, she always treated her as a human, her best friend whom they have walked through thick and thin.

"Lady Marshal, please you have to avenge me, you need to avenge my death, and be careful we have traitors everywhere." No one knew Ling Qing better than her, she might be cold but still, she wasn't completely inhumane.

" All right, I will avenge you." Ling Qing held her hand gently promising her, she had no other choice at this moment.

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