Kindled Love Amidst Bullets Book

novel - Fantasy

Kindled Love Amidst Bullets


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Tags:#R18,#BL,#Superpowers,#Villain,#Betrayal,#Mafia,#LoveTriangle,#Impostor,#CounterAttack,#MultipleIdentities,#BigShot,#Identity Exchange,#Slice of life, #Twisted,#Babies Ling Qing was orphaned at the age of six years old when an accident claimed their entire family and she was the sole survivor. Being the only surviving heir of the Ling family, she was supposed to inherit everything but in the will, she wasn't mentioned nor given anything. Devastated, she was kicked out of the mansion by the Lawyer who was officiating the will and thus she became homeless. Roaming across the streets, she learned to brave storms, she learned to be selfish, and she engaged in legal activities to rise in the ranks. Day after day she became cold and robotic. From being a dirty poor pauper to a rich woman who swam in money and led the biggest illegal syndicate. She became an international criminal and every special force was hunting her. Amidst all this, she takes over Xie Mo, her best friend's identity but it didn't keep her safe, she realized that she didn't know this friend of hers well. Being a cold ruthless woman, would she trust a man who she promised to protect to her best friend? Would there be sparkles of love? Her servant is also secretly in love with her, who would she love? Who would win her? Not only does love knock on her door, but she also gives birth to two children who choose to take different paths, one is a soldier and one is a criminal like her, how would they relate to being raised by different parents? Her family she thought had died in the accident, suddenly surfaces, and she then realized she was too naive... *****I dont own the cover and the credit goes to the owner, if you want me to pull it down, please do contact me..*** This novel contains a lot of villainous acts, the leading characters are all strong... There are a lot of fighting scenes and many mysteries being unraveled, it's a slow-burning romance but has several sweet scenes...


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