Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation

Bu Cai, Our Main Character, has died... He thought he would be plunged into eternal darkness, but luckily (or unluckily) he gets a system which tells him he has to bring the demise of different fortuned ones so that he can continue existing. Equipped with his years of reading Xianxia novels and his unique perspective, Will he be able to deal with these pests or will he cease to exist? ------------------------------ Check out my other novel that I'll be focusing on, 'It's Hard Being A Background Character' if you feel like it. Cover is Not Mine. (First story, Don't expect much, suggestions and feedback is appreciated)

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Xie Xinyi, Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place (Part 4)

(Bu Cai Pov)



[Name: Xie Xinyi]

[Age: 9]

[Cultivation: Mortal ]

[Skills: (Sword Skills-Proficient), (Poetry-Advanced), (Calligraphy-Advanced), (Guqin-Advanced), (Etiquette-Advanced), (Dancing-Intermediate)]

[Inherent Quality: Ice Cold Beauty(S)]

[Background Story]

Xie Xinyi is girl born in a backwater city and is part of the Xie clan, which is a medium-high rank Clan in the Divine Sword Empire. Due to her being born in one of the side branches of the family, she and her family are stationed in the backwater City, hence her birthplace.

Soon after her birth it was found that she was in fact an incredible genius which allowed her to be skillful in many areas. So she became a perfect noblewoman by the age of 6, and her sword talent was absurd to the point were she caught the attention of the main clan and they gave her an opportunity to prove whether she is qualified to come back to the clan with her family in the youth tournament.

Her family only consists of her father's side as her mother had disappeared and her life goal is to find he again.

Due to being talented she has always been showered with praise and compliments and due to her exceeding beauty she has always been desired by many young masters of various clans to the point of obsession.

She has grown incredibly cold to everyone around her, except her father, due to having been motherless and surrounded by fake smiles and words. she can differentiate between truth and lies of people extraordinarily well because ####.

[Importance in Plot: SS (She ends up being Long Tian's favourite Wife.]


Reading through her skills I almost screamed due to the unfairness, I had lived two whole lives to achieve being proficient in one useless skill, yet in four years she was able to get her sword proficiency to proficient?!

And her inherent quality Is being an S-Rank Ice Cold Beauty, if someone on that level only an S-rank, I can't help but be curious about the ranks above.

And she even became a perfect Noblewoman in a few years?

And doesn't this person sound too similar to someone else?

But what I read at read at the end made my legs become jelly and I almost pissed myself on the spot,


Not only is she not a lower realm chump that was forgotten about by long Tian after he ascends, she is the fucking most important person for Long Tian!

Forget her being a possible mini calamity, she was the apocalypse itself!

Both had by now approached me and the YM immediately threw me a bag of gold and said arrogantly,

"Scram for me and give this piece to Yiyi for me."

He was probably mad that Xie Xinyi's attention was drawn in by my calligraphy and did not pay any attention to him.

However those very words which could be presumed as rudeness or arrogance was my saving grace.

I looked at the YM with an intense gaze that was full of gratitude.

He looked at me a bit weirdly and just as Xie Xinyi was going to stop him tell him off for disrespecting the profession of some shit.

I immediately cut in and shouted, "Thank you for your generosity YM, I will do as you say!"

I quickly walked over to Xie Xinyi, and under everyone's shocked expressions, I bowed with sincerity and handed the Calligraphy over to her which she accepted and then i scrammed as fast and far away as i could without looking back.

(Third person Pov)

Back at the now ownerless stall area, everyone had baffled expressions on their faces, even Xie Xinyi herself!

The YM had long wondered if Bu Cai had taken the wrong medicine as this was the most shocking situation he had encountered,

Usually whilst ordering people to do unreasonable and degrading things, they resist or at least show some resentfulness or humility. However Bu Cai had thanked him sincerely and wholeheartedly for disrespecting him.

(Xie Xinyi Pov)

As usual, I am walking around town trying to find something remotely interesting in this boring place to take my mind off the constant stress of expectations and the fruitless results of finding my mother.

As usual, Liu Tu is desperately trying to get my attention even though I always ignore him and he always tries to impress me with humiliating others or recklessly wasting money,


However as I walk my usual route, Something unusual appears in my sight.

A crowd of people are staring at something that isn't me with impressed expressions.

How intriguing.

I approach the crowd and they all notice me,and hastily make way while also staring at me with multiple different emotions,

Greed, Envy, Lust,

And some even look at me with more malicious desires.

However they all hide it behind faces of shock, or innocent smiles, without knowing that they're intentions are completely transparent to me and all their lies are useless against me.

I then ignore them and look to the source the reason why there is a crowd, and see a boy in simple white robes. He had Smooth and lighter skin, Long black hair tied up, and deep abyssal black eyes which was filled with Hope, he was very handsome. Once he had seen me his eyes began to reflect fear and trepidation and his face reflected shock. However what really got my attention was the beauty of the Piece he had done which could contend with my expertise in calligraphy.

My interest grew in him even more when i realised something major; that i can't see through him!

My interest was immediately piqued, and instantly started to approach him with the intention of getting to know him a bit and see what was so special about him that allows him to block my 'vision'.

However Liu Tu cuts in and ruins what I wanted to do, by him being completely ignorant about calligraphy and disrespectfully throwing money at him for the piece of art, that has clearly just been made, and demanding him to scram.

Of course this is completely infuriating to me, as he has just disrespected scholars and artists, as well as ruined my plans of getting to know someone who has finally made me curious.

This made my already large amount of disdain for him grow to tremendous levels and i was just about to talk some sense into him and force him to apologise however what the boy done was so incomprehensible that even i was stunned.

He complied and sincerely thanked us for our generosity and gave me the calligraphy then proceeded to run off.

Although i could't see through him I could feel the sincerity from it.


Since I had missed my opportunity to meet someone interesting and possibly have a nice chat with said person, I decided to head back to quell my bad mood through practice.

My guards asked me if i had wanted them to catch the boy, however i just shook my head and decided not bother him.

I also told that incessant parasite Liu Tu to scram and headed back to home, whilst appraising the only remnants of the mysterious boy that could not see through,

The Calligraphy which Consisted of 2 Words, Livelihood and Society.

Although it was slightly strange,

It was also oddly


(Bu Cai Pov)

After Running for what seemed like ages, I was on the outskirts of this city, with

Thank YM, I have been able to escape from such the walking calamity.

If everything I had planned for went to shit due to bumping into a timebomb(Wife), I would have cried.

Fuck this S-Rank Plot, Is it really that hard for me to train in peace?

But all things considering, YM came in really clutch and i can't help but think that maybe that guy isn't so bad...

Anyways now that i have enough money to live a normal life for decades, I don't have to worry about this training anymore (Once again, bless up YM).

As if on cue, Hou came out of nowhere and looked at me incredulously and asked,

"Although that was a very good price for the calligraphy, why did you run away instead of establishing a small bit of communication with the young lady of the Xie Family, this could have helped you in the long run and also allowed you build a connection with the talented young lady, so why?"

After hearing that i knew i had to come up with a reasonable excuse quickly as there is no way i could tell him about the system so I replied with a slight embarrassed blush,

"I-I was nervous!"

After hearing my answer he gave me an understanding smile and then said,

"I understand, don't worry Young master, she will also be their at the youth tournament so I'm sure you can talk to her and impress her with your performance."

He then give me a thumbs up and continued,

"Now that you have essentially completed it, albeit in a slightly unorthodox manner, so we will now head to the capital so and you will be able to sightsee."

He then called for Nero and we shortly went on our way towards the destination,

Great Sword City!



Author's notes:

Xie Xinyi is made to be Somewhat similar to Xia Qingyue from ATG.

I realise that this chapter may have been one of the lower quality ones, so i apologise but i just wanted to move onto the next part of the story and the capital, hence i kinda rushed this one.

By the way i also know that the Xie Xinyi Pov was a bit stale, I will try and improve it for next time for her's and other people's Pov's, when i do them. However you have to put into perspective that as A cold character it's not like she will have an overly active and vivid mindset or have any humor in her dialogue therefore it will be a bit stal regardless.

Even though this chapter has been one of my worst ones in this novel, I will make sure to get the quality back to standard or at least sort of interesting.

But i do hope you somewhat enjoyed this chapter and any constructive criticism is welcome.