Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation

Bu Cai, Our Main Character, has died... He thought he would be plunged into eternal darkness, but luckily (or unluckily) he gets a system which tells him he has to bring the demise of different fortuned ones so that he can continue existing. Equipped with his years of reading Xianxia novels and his unique perspective, Will he be able to deal with these pests or will he cease to exist? ------------------------------ Check out my other novel that I'll be focusing on, 'It's Hard Being A Background Character' if you feel like it. Cover is Not Mine. (First story, Don't expect much, suggestions and feedback is appreciated)

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Song Ju's Thoughts; Dao; Unexpected Gain?

(Third Person POV)

The crowd was instantly shocked at how the simple monk had unexpectedly turned into a dashing young man.

Multiple in the crowd began to speculate about him...

"Doesn't that boy look somewhat familiar?"

"...I-Isn't he HIM?"




"Impossible!" "What?!" "NONSENSE!"

Every spectator couldn't believe it. Everyone understood that once the heavens determined your Spirit Roots, it was impossible to change them.

Yet someone with a trash root like Long Tian... can cultivate?!


(Bu Cai POV)

As the crowd is clamouring, I hastily make my way off the stage to get as far away from Long Tian as possible.

He is currently still gripping his blade tightly as if he is ready to go berserk at any moment.

The veins on his forehead are bulging and he is gritting his teeth very hard.

Not to forget the vicious hatred filled glare he is directing me that makes me believe that if looks could kill, I'd be dead hundreds of times by now.

Annoyingly though, his disgustingly handsome face saves him from looking like your average third rate villain who has just been face slapped...

Fuck the skincare products, it seems I have to get me some of that plot.

Anyways, after a safe distance away, I contently and calmly make my way towards the spectating room to await the finals. Though I already know how it's going to go.

Entering the Chen Clan VIP room, I see an unexpected guest...

"Greetings, Clan leader!"

I hurriedly bow and greet Chen Long who is sitting on the main seat in this luxurious suite.

He gets up and walks up to me as I bow.

What's this?

I stay in this position not understanding why he didn't tell me to sit down or something.

...Is he perhaps unsatisfied with my results?

I hear his footsteps approaching and expect the worst...

I suddenly feel him put his large hand on my shoulder and hear him say in his deep voice,

"You've done well Bu Cai."

"You've not only successfully gotten top five in this tournament, but have also been able to expose an unexpected variable, Long Tian."

"With these, we can at least hold back any current dissatisfaction from the other factions until the inheritance realm opens."

"I'm very proud of you, and I wasn't wrong to put my hopes in you."

I slightly raise my head and see Chen Long with a proud smile on his face.


After seeing that smile, I feel pride and contentedness swell up in me. It's been a long time since I've had anyone rely on me, so feeling this once again is quite satisfying.

I swiftly bow again and shout,

"Thank you Clan Leader!"

He then laughed happily and said,

"You can stop with the bowing now and sit next to Fei'er, we'll be starting training tomorrow morning."

Like that he disappeared from the room, and it was just me and Chen Fei left. Chen Fei instantly jumped up from his seat after his dad left and screamed,


"I wasn't expecting much from you in all honesty. But after seeing you up there I was surprised!"

He quickly waved his hand to indicate that I should come over. As I did so, I saw that in his palm was a transparent glass ball which is basically the camera of this world, the Image Orb.

He quickly put his hand around my shoulder and said excitedly,

"You have to see just how incredible some of the pictures I have taken are!"

I watched the clip fully expecting it to be my badass slash on Long Tian's mug, but instead it was...

"HAHAHA, look at how skillfully you are rolling about on the ground!"

T-This fuc-

"I never knew you were so aerodynamic, maybe your ancestors were birds?"

Hold it in Bu Cai, Patience is a virtu...

"How did the ground taste by the way?!"





Eventually got a hold of the forsaken orb and crushed it into dust, alongside giving Chen Fei a much deserved beati- lesson.


(Finals, Mid Fight)

(Song Ju POV)

*Huff* *Huff*

Just how is it possible that I cannot reach him at all?!

From the offset of the match I had realised that this opponent of mine was not simple. Yet I never thought that the difference between us was this huge...

For duration of half a candle stick* I have fought with my utmost effort. But not once has he fought back or used his blade against me.

Yet I'm feeling completely powerless!

As someone who had always been able to understand everything and anything instantly, I had never felt like this.

Nothing had ever contested me.

My roots are of the highest grade measurable and I've dedicated myself to training and cultivating constantly.

Yet you're telling me I'm being toyed against a boy of my age now!?


I once again analyse my opponent.

A face that by societal standards can be viewed as incredibly handsome.

Long black hair that is neatly tied up and striking blue eyes.

Everything is normal...except one thing I can't understand.

Why is he staring at me with such intensity?

I have always been aware of my appearance that stands out amongst everyone else, so I naturally understand that many males would be drawn to me...

Yet the look in his eyes just doesn't make sense.

Rather than common lust or appreciation... He looks at me with obsessiveness.

He also looks at me with familiarity, but that should be impossible as I've never spoken to him in my life.

Another thing that irks me is his techniques and movements. Every move he makes is calm and composed, not a single action is rushed or wasted.

This is incredibly strange.

No one of the younger generation is able to do something like this, including me, as it is something that doesn't stem from talent but rather age.

So how is it possible that he can do something which can only be gained through experiences and time?

It's incomprehensible.

I once again dash at this monster even though I knew this was hopeless and meaningless...

As I do so, a small smile surfaces as I recall the boy from all those years ago who just wouldn't fall no matter what.

How ironic, isn't it?

I'm doing the exact thing I once mocked.


(Bu Cai POV)

Walking out of the arena with Chen Fei, I can't help but think back to what I had just witnessed for the finals.

Long Tian that creepy cockroach was obviously trying to savour his time with his precious for as long as possible, probably to try and leave an impression on her.

That bastard also didn't pull out his God Slaying Blade, and rather kept to hands only. I honestly felt a little sour from the difference in treatment.

The whole fight consisted of Long Tian slipping around like a snake mean whilst Song Ju was trying her damnedest to slice him in half.

I was expecting Song Ju to forfeit after a while of this as I knew her as someone logical and realistic.

But she did not!

Instead she kept slashing as if she was possessed by a demon, and refused to give up!

Even cockroach was surprised by this, and accidentally knocked her out therefore going against his no violence pact... fucking simp.

And that was the end of it. Anti-Climactic and boring.

I ended up getting some scrumptious herbs such as,




[Material: Steel Heart Leaf ]

[Rank: B]

[Extra Information:

Leaf from a tree which has grown in harsh conditions, and has begin to gain a primary understanding of the Earth and Sword Dao through soil and external factors.

Very useful herb for helping increase comprehension of the Sword Dao or Earth Dao for a few days for cultivators in initiation stage of comprehension.

Under very fortunate circumstances, it can awaken a sword embryo which can allow the cultivator to eventually gain a sword physique. Chances are 0.000072%.

Currently a useful herb in general, is a relatively rare species, hence the evaluation of B.]


...Just reading it makes me excited.

Increase in comprehension for days is already very good if I do decide to do a bit of focused cultivation.

It also allowed me to see a stage of the Dao which I didn't know about. The initiation stage.

Throughout the continent, attainments in Dao are usually found out by checking strength or whether said individual can do a specific thing, for example:

-A sword Dao cultivator can be labelled as a sword master once he can freely emit sword Qi and implement it in sword arts rather than normal Qi. Sword Qi essentially makes sword movements more powerful.

-A sword Dao cultivator can be labelled a Sword Sovereign if he/she can use Sword Intent, which allows one to use anything as a blade and channel sword Qi through it smoothly.

-A sword Dao Cultivator is labelled as a Sword Supreme is he/she can use a mind sword, which allows someone to sever peoples soul with a glance and dominate all other sword cultivators underneath their understanding.

I won't even talk about a sword physique as it is unrealistic, though there are cases were people awaken certain unimaginable benefits from a lucky herb or material.


As we both get back to the mansion, I feel really tired after all that shit today so, I say farewell to Chen Fei and head up to my room.

I sort myself out for bed and lay down and prepare myself of the training tomorrow.

I already knew that we would be staying for another week in the capital, so I also thought about meeting up with Xie Xinyi again.

A smile appears on my face, just as I think of that anti-social cold beauty.

I was about to drift off into slumber, until I suddenly heard a System notification...

I instantly open my eyes and check it out.



Cockroach would be fuming if he sees what I am seeing!



Author's Notes:

Thanks for reading.

Once again, this is definitely a chapter with some info dump so I apologise for that.

Next, I also realise that this is chapter is definitely not as good as my usual standard but it's my first story and I am trying to move on from this tournament, hence I didn't write out a full fight for the finals.

Plus, I don't imagine the fight to be very interesting therefore I skipped it.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.