Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation

Bu Cai, Our Main Character, has died... He thought he would be plunged into eternal darkness, but luckily (or unluckily) he gets a system which tells him he has to bring the demise of different fortuned ones so that he can continue existing. Equipped with his years of reading Xianxia novels and his unique perspective, Will he be able to deal with these pests or will he cease to exist? ------------------------------ Check out my other novel that I'll be focusing on, 'It's Hard Being A Background Character' if you feel like it. Cover is Not Mine. (First story, Don't expect much, suggestions and feedback is appreciated)

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No.1 YM Appears, Horrible Breakfast But A W

(Bu Cai POV)

After around 5 minutes of Long Tian's arrival, Someone else could also be seen walking up the stairs.

Said Individual Had features similar to Long Tian however Instead of being incredibly handsome, he looked arrogant and just barely above average.

His expression instantly morphed into a frown when he saw Long Tian.

He walked up to were he was sitting and started trash talking Long Tian for being a motherless low born trash...

Although it seems my pleas have been answered, It isn't exactly what i was thinking about instead I could already foresee another face slap incoming...

If you hadn't already guessed, It was Long Tian's jealous brother,

I looked away after using analyse and...



[Name: Long Zhen ]

[Age: 8]

[Cultivation: Mortal ]

[Skills: (Arrogance-Proficient), (Sword Skills-Advanced), (Bragging-Intermediate), (Martial Arts-Intermediate) ]

[Inherent Talent: The Master of Young Masters In First Realm ]

[Background Story:

As a child, He was raised to be arrogant by his mother and to especially look down on the child of the woman who made her husband act like a dog for.

Due to this Long Zhen is very Arrogant and Despises Long Tian with all his heart, As well as the fact that Long Tian is more handsome than him, More talented than him, More loved than him by everyone, and Has acquired the devotion of the woman he has adored and obsessed over for a long time, Yue Mei; All these factors had, made him despise Long Tian to the max.]

[Importance in Plot: C (Is Long Tian's Biggest Hater In The first Realm)]



Poor Guy;

His mother, as the main wife was absolutely ignored by his father for Long Tian's Mother due to her beauty and was raised to hate the OP pest Long Tian.

His Talent and Appearance is a Far cry from Long Tian Hence he is humiliated as the Original heir.

His First Love is Madly In love with Long Tian, Who he despises, And eventually she becomes just another woman in Long Tian's Harem.

And Is fated to just die.

Although arrogant pests like him are annoying, no one deserves such misery as a child.

But I can't help him either as i have my own issues to worry about and will most likely have to be his enemy so that i can get buddy-buddy with Long Tian.

Every man for themselves I guess.

As i was thinking about how to get a favour off Long Tian and how pitiful Long Zhen was, The waitress finally arrived with the food ,which looked incredible, I was dying to dig in instantly however suddenly...

Long Tian Came Over...



(Long Tian POV)

I hear an irritating voice shouting at my name and mocking me with disdain,

"Long Tian, you stupid son of a whore, Don't think of yourself too highly merely because you are a slight bit talented with a sword, Once the spirit root awakening happens everyone will see how much of a low born garbage you truly are!"

I look around swiftly and spot the source of annoyance,

Long Zhen.

How dare this mere Talentless pest demean me, Long Tian, as if i were still a naive and ignorant child.

If i don't get rid of this pest it will sour, Xue'er, Mei'er and my attitude and ruin the pleasant meal i was having with them.

I instantly release a sliver of intent i have managed to train whilst hunting in the forest for days on end without rest.

Instantly he kneels before me and cries due to the pressure, Insolent fool.

I then walk up to him and make him say 'I'm a Stinky Dog' whilst kneeling.

He looks at me with defiance however after a couple of face-slaps he instantly complies (always does the trick), and after i let go of the pressure he scrams and says that next time he will teach me a lesson.

Since this is a surprisingly common thing, both girls are used to it and instead complement me and genuinely ask me with concern if I am fine.

I tease them both like usual and they both blush.


The jovial atmosphere then returns, however something irked me when i saw that a boy who looked around the same age as us had gotten served before us, Due to feeling indignant i instantly got up to ask him to resign his meal as i saw that it was Xue'er' favourite meal and that her mouth was slightly watering for it,

As a big brother i must get it for my precious little sister who has always been strong in fighting her illness for my sake.

Plus it is this commoner's honor to forfeit his meal for I, Long Tian, am the most inspiring youth in the entire Empire.

I approach him with a my usual cold face and he looks at me with surprise and shock.

Ha, Mere Peasant must be shocked by my looks and nobility.

If he obediently hands over his meal i can consider making him a lackey of mine or something similar.

I look him in his abyssal black eyes with seriousness and say,

"Commoner, I, Long Tian Demand for you to give up your meal for me, if you obediently comply then i will consider sparring with you so that you can see the immensity of heaven and earth."

And like this everything should have gone the way I expected.


(Bu Cai Pov)

After hearing his completely arrogant and demeaning words I couldn't help but despise him even more in my heart.

But that was until he fucking dared to mention that he wanted to get his disgusting hands on my long awaited breakfast.

The audacity of this fucker almost made me want to flip the table and all out rush at him to try and end his miserable existence, as i had planned with my last resort.

However, I thought of my family and my body that was trembling with rage, calmed down.

I then replied politely, "I, of course would feel honored to give up my meal so that your esteemed self could enjoy his time, however i am but a mere commoner, I had spent a lot of money on this meal so i hope sir can understand my troubles.

Slightly surprised by my calm response, even both girls looked over at the handsome me who wanted to eat his breakfast peacefully, with curious expressions as usually someone their age after being treated with such disdain would normally get angry and become aggressive,

However I didn't.

(Long Tian POV)


How come he didn't become enraged and then get angry at me, where i would then be able to have a valid reason to attack him?

As this has always been the case i couldn't immediately answer due to the shock.

He even caught the attention of Mei'er and Xue'er so,

I soon recovered and pulled out a rare foundation building pill that was less useful to me and said to him coldly,

"I, Long Tian, understand your issues and will give you this foundation building pill which is of high tier quality, i hope you will now be able to give up your meal to this young master."

Expecting it to be over Long Tian relaxed a bit however he was once again shocked by Bu Cai's next action...


(Bu Cai POV)

Hehe; Little Bastard, you are still far too young to think you can play around with me, I am The Part Time God. If you think i haven't had my encounters multiple rude customers and managers you would be sourly mistaken.

As I see him pull out a precious foundation pill i can't help but want to scam the stupid bastard out of it, however i had something more important to attempt at getting off him, A Promise.

To maximise my chances of getting it off him, I instantly kowtow on the ground and say to him, "Esteemed one is mistaken, this little insolent one, only wants to protect my relatives and loved ones from danger hence would like to beg for a chance to get to have a chance at getting a request which would be that you do not harm this humble ones relatives in the future, unless we have breached your morals."




What is this guy saying?

He has refused a very precious pill that could help him and his future, so that he can protect himself from me.

Promise to not harm his relatives unless they breach my morals?

Does he think I am a demon or something due to being a noble or scared for repercussions for not instantly giving me the food; I must clear this misunderstanding to ensure my name is not disgraced as a hedonistic and merciless noble.

Plus to get this over with I may as well just agree to it as it's not like he will be able to do anything to me and on the unlikely case that i want to get rid of him, I could just make up some reason to say he has breached my Morals i'd be fine.

I reply by affirming that i promise on my name, and tell him to get up and help him up slightly so that anyone watching would see that i am also benevolent and i won't have rumors spreading around on me.

After cleaning this mess up,

He left, But not without bowing to us with respect and a satisfied smile, and the girls and I just laughed at this weird incident and continued our chatting and Xue'er also gave me a happy hug with her small and delicate body and a happy smile for doing this for her.

At least it was worth it.


Unbeknownst to Both Bu Cai and Long Tian, A certain Cold Jade beauty had seen this unfold whole situation unfold.

And this would eventually cause Bu Cai's fate to take a drastic turn...


Author's Note:

Trying out the Pov thing more, and further trying to characterise Long Tian.

And show that Bu Cai can be witty and smart in critical times and being able to trick Long Tian in promising not to harm his relatives, this is due to variety of factors such as, him being older mentally than Long Tian, him being naturally smart, as well as his experience in tricking employers and his sciety training phase helped a little.

Hope you enjoyed the factor and if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism then feel free to leave it in the comments.

Thanks for reading.