Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation

Bu Cai, Our Main Character, has died... He thought he would be plunged into eternal darkness, but luckily (or unluckily) he gets a system which tells him he has to bring the demise of different fortuned ones so that he can continue existing. Equipped with his years of reading Xianxia novels and his unique perspective, Will he be able to deal with these pests or will he cease to exist? ------------------------------ Check out my other novel that I'll be focusing on, 'It's Hard Being A Background Character' if you feel like it. Cover is Not Mine. (First story, Don't expect much, suggestions and feedback is appreciated)

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Competition, Aiming For Song Ju, ...Bug?

(Bu Cai's Cultivator Abode)

(Bu Cai POV)

Annoyed by her interrupting my train of thought, A frown replaces my usually relaxed smile, and I say in a slightly cold tone,

"What do you want."

I glare at her with a sharp gaze, which reflects some of my annoyance and dissatisfaction with her.

Under my cold glare and unwelcoming tone, Chen Ru's face puffs up and her beautiful eyes become teary as she replies argumentatively,

"I Just came to see you because I wanted to know if you were alright! But instead of expressing any gratitude for my care, YOU ARE SHOUTING AT ME?!"




Repressing my seething anger, after realising that emotions are causing me to act irrational, and understanding that it wouldn't do any good arguing with The Clan Head's Daughter;

I quickly soften my gaze, Change my facial expression to show that I feel touched, and respond to her with a gentle tone,

"Ru'er, I'm sorry for misunderstanding."

"I've just been a bit stressed lately, and accidentally lashed out at you, even though you were only thinking about my well being. Can you forgive me?"

After hearing me call her Ru'er, a blush appears on her face as she responds bashfully,

"I-It's Fine, I totally understand!"

"As long as you are fine, Then Everything is Okay..."

She pauses for a moment and says,

"Father Wanted me to tell you that there will be a competition between different forces, and that he wants you to participate for the Chen Family."

She also asks nervously,

"And, Ummm, I also came here to ask if you wanted to go see the city together when we are out for the competition?"

"B-But it's just because father told me to S-Show you around!"

I respond with a genuine looking smile and say,

"Tell the patriarch that I will attend the competition, and that i won't fail him!"

I then paused for a moment, and saw the tense expression on her face as she awaited my answer to her question,

I then replied with an honest expression on my face,

"If the Patriarch said so... Then I would love to go with my cute Junior Sister to see the city!"

After hearing that, She ran away with red ears, that were obvious due to her having smooth Jade skin.

After waiting a while to ensure that she is gone, My smile drops as I let out an exhausted sigh.

I am no Dense Rom-Com protagonist, Even though I don't have much experience with girls, I can clearly tell that she has feelings for me...

But I Don't have feelings for her.

Firstly, She is still a Young lady who is only 16 years old, which instantly decreases my interest.

Secondly, She is an incredibly annoying person who will involve herself in anything you do as long as she feels like it.

Thirdly, She is a Tsundere.

And lastly, Getting into relationship with her, will get in the way of my plans.

Although i am aware that the Patriarch will definitely try and get me with her, if my plan goes well, Even he won't be able to say anything.

I will admit though, she isindeed very talented, beautiful and rich...

But Isn't that the same with just about every Jade beauty?

Even the ones found in stories that say they picked the girl up from the streets as a beggar, The Jade beauty eventually has a mysterious or profound background and great talent.

So It doesn't really move me.

Plus... The candidate I have in mind for my partner is someone who will help me immensely with ensuring that Long Tian Dies, and she has all the same good qualities, but on steroids...

You Guessed It!

Song Ju.

Although her spirit roots where not revealed publicly, however I am 100% sure she has god grade roots.

Her wealth from the Song Family alone is something that can rival the Chen Family (Don't underestimate Doctors in Xianxia), Including the fact that she is related to the Tang Family in the upper realm as well

...Do I need to say any more?

Plus, her looks are basically unrivaled in 100,000 years!

Also, She is Long Tian's main weakness, so It's literally the best move I could do to fuck with Plot and Long Tian.

However It is very difficult, therefore I have to make sure to keep her interest, as well as hook her into wanting to interact with me...

*Sigh*, Truly a difficult ordeal.


And my chance to do this is coming up,

...Inter-House/Sect Competition.



(Morning, Bu Cai's Abode)

(Bu Cai POV)

A new day, a new bath...


With this new high class place, I get a bath which can only be described as godly.

Not only is it spacious as fuck, marbled out to the brim, and has cool functions that can be activated with spirit power (Like the invisible soap dispenser)...

But It Also Has A Jacuzzi, Xianxia Style!

If you don't think this shit is the greatest thing since sliced bread, then you are a freak.

My routine has never stopped over they years, It has only evolved.

I now have the highest quality of spirit foods, even though I don't have to eat much anymore (But improves skin quality).

I have robes, that are whiter than the whitest fucking white you have ever witnessed.

And my shoes are even drippier with a cool gold/black design.

Add that onto my Immortal Certified Socks, And even an ugly beggar would become an eye-catching gentleman!

Not to mention that my looks are akin to god himself...

Anyways, I'll stop with the Fac-*Cough* Bragging and go have a bath.

As I walk in, I sit down in the hot water, I feel like i am being purified...

But I slightly squint my eyes open for a bit, and see something...strange.

It's something that I would have easily overlooked if I didn't spot by complete accident.


How could something escape my senses as a Qi condensation cultivator, who has quite his senses refined by hunting in the wild a lot?

I focus more on the small thing that has caught my attention, however the more I seem to focus, the harder it gets to see?!


I instantly get up and inspect what fucking thing thinks it's funny to interrupt my bath time with such shenanigans.

As I walk up to 'It', I see a semi-transparent, bug, that is laying upside down...

It looks like a Hercules Beetle, with a Jet black exoskeleton, It's horn is a deep gold colour, and has jade green eyes.

What the fuck?! This bug looks hella cool!

Making the decision that this Badass Bug is going to be my Xianxia bug Companion, I instantly go to inspect it.

Hmmm, I've never seen something like this before, even in high school Biology!

But... What is the point in guessing if I have a trusty system?

I instantly use analyse and check out my new pets stats...

But what I saw, instantly brought about the urge to shit myself (metaphorical... Trust me; I would never do something so disgraceful as shitting myself!)


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Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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I just want to establish this right now...


So don't expect him to be collecting them, or going out his way to impress them, unless it is for a greater purpose or scheme.

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