10 Chapter 10: Family Dinner 3

I had just finished my food, when I was about to order the guards to dispose of the dead bodies and a maid to go to my room and clean the blood. After that leave the dinner room.

"How did you come to possess an element" my father's voice stopped me in my tracks. Seeing as everyone was listening attentively, they must all be curious. I guess I should throw them a bone.

"Well whether you believe me or not it doesn't really matter. But I have always had an element. I just didn't show it, just to see how I would be treated by my own parents, if they knew I was ordinary. Would they still love if I was not special? Would they continue to treat me the same? I had laid awake for hours asking myself this questions" I made sure to convey a sad tone, to make it more believable. After saying all that, I looked at ruby and Jack to see their reactions

"You humiliated our family for something so insignificant?" My father raised his voice when he asked that question. He was clearly pissed, he might not care about his family, but it's clear he cares more about the clans reputation or his reputation, more than anything.

"You say that like it's a bad thing, you all abandoned me, like I was some kind of piece of trash, when you saw I was of no use to you or your plans. You sick people treated me with love, trust, honesty, and respect. Only to treat me like I didn't exist. Why should I care about this family? After how you all treated me"

Untamed rage spilled out of my voice, as it kept raising the longer I talked, hurt mixed within. 'why did they abandon me? What have I ever done to them?' a splitting headache came rushing in. The cause being the voice inside my head, fueled with rage, and hurt that must have been bottled up for the last two years, without any release, until this very moment.

'they all deserve to die for what they did to me.' it was as if it was it was trying to take over my mind. I couldn't let that happen. It's my mind now, my body.

"Get the fuck out of my mind" I growled with my own rage boiling. I clenched my head really hard. I was sick and tired of this human emotion. I don't need them. They only ever bring pain, and suffering.

When I was diagnosed with sociopathic traits by the police who had found me, laying on the pool of my dead parents blood, deterred by how calm I was. I had also often wondered what it would be like to be normal. But now, that I got my emotions back, I don't want them anymore.

There was an emptiness inside of me, that I cannot deny, but that's what had kept me alive like I had promised my mother. This feelings, I really want to get rid of them, but I know now I can't, as they are a part of me now.

But even with this feelings there is something about me, that seems no matter how much I change, will always remain the same, and that's my insatiable hunger. No! I have it wrong, it did change, it has grown even more so, and it wants to devour everything.

Indulging in my internal conflicts, had quieted the voice inside my mind. Suddenly out of nowhere, I burst laughing.


Scarlett's Pov

"Ha-ha-ha-ha..." A manic laughter. The cause being my brother. I had been in a daze, when he had finished eating and was about to leave, that's when my father asked him the question we all had been curious about.

He had answered father's question, that made even me think he was being petty. But when I heard the reasons behind it, I too felt the same, by how our parents treated us, with kind distance. I hadn't noticed it before, until I saw them not intervening when my brother was about kill me.

They are the reason something important is missing inside of me.

Things that led my brother to be laughing like a maniac are, when my father belittled his choices. Both my brother's and father's calm demeanor broke, but more so on Vector. Something had overcome him, he was like his former self before he was injured, but open about his true feelings.

Then it became confusing when, he started shouting with himself. But from what I could tell he was fighting with his own demons. But what both confused me and made me really scared, and learn how fearful of my brother I am, is when even during his raging at father, his smirk had never faded, his eyes indifferent, how a person could manage that is scary.

The only way I knew he was angry was because of the tone of his voice.

I gazed at my brother when his laughter started to quiet down

"Ha-h.. I'm sorry you had to deal with how unsightly I presented myself, just now" he returned to his smirk, glint in his eyes, as his eyes wondered the room, and landed on me for a second before looking behind me.

"You two over there, go dispose of the two bodies, and you over there go to my room and clean it until there isn't any sign of blood or dust anywhere, if there is even a speck of dust..."

He looked at the corpses that were being dragged away by two guards, emphasizing what would happen, but saying nothing more. Tina who was some sort of aunt Jean's disciple had fear written on her face, as she quickly went towards my brother's room.

I didn't protest when they took Jean away, I have come to realise that this family, no, this cultivation world is unforgiving to those without strength. Before I have enough strength to protect myself and what I consider mine, I will not make an enemy out of my brother or anyone else for that matter including my family.

I internally sighed, I have no one to trust anymore, even Jean who I thought as a mother let greed dictate her actions, leading her to death.

"It seems you have calmed your childish outburst, now we can talk like adult, what kind of bloodline do you possess? I assume if you had awakened an element, you must have have also awakened your bloodline."

My father ignoring everything that just happened. Calmly asked my brother about his bloodline. I turned to look at my brother, only to see his smirk widening.

"Of course I possess a bloodline, but like I'm going to tell what it is. Anyway, if you will be excusing me, I have better things to do than to sit here and pretend like we are a family." Saying that, my brother turned and left, but not before taking a glance at me.

When he left, there was a pregnant silence that permitted the room. During all this altercations, my mother, aunt in law, my female cousin and finally my uncle, haven't said a word. They where like spectators watching a show.

They all made me sick, to think I thought of them as family. I rose and headed for the door.

"Honey, where are you going? you haven't eaten anything." My mother's soothing voice stopped me on my tracks. I turned towards my mother, who acting like nothing had happened.

"Vector, was right, we were never a family to begin with, why start now." I said with a disgusted look on my face. I took one last look of my mother to see hurt in her eyes. Not caring anymore, I walked away, never looking back, heading towards my room.

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