Killer Stilettos Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Killer Stilettos


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(Currently editing/Re-writing) Scarlett Jones; ex-supermodel, uprising haute couture fashion designer, fashion guru, style creator and business icon is a self-made millionaire thriving in the Parisian fashion industry with a past as dark as her entrancing eyes that speak of things her mouth will never utter again. Or rather, a name. Moving to Paris was the best decision she had ever made and not looking back was even so much better. But an alarming call has her flying the company jet to Rome on a Monday evening and her whole world is suddenly thrust out of her control. She's spent the last decade dedicated to building herself, working hard and making sure all thoughts and memories of a certain messy, dark-haired boy with a dimpled smile was out of her life and her mind. But when on a hot, Friday afternoon in Rome, the Pantheon seems to reveal more secrets than Apollodorus hid in its tombs and obelisk's, and Jean Haverton springs up from nowhere, Scarlett is sent spiraling down a past long forgotten...or not? Secrets are out in the air, danger looms fervently and even more secrets brew. But also, something long dead is awakened and it doesn't seem to want to go back to being dead. Love. Will Scarlett believe Jean's ambiguous explanations? Or will she fly right back to Paris and bury that meeting along with Raphael's remains underneath his tomb?

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