1 Chapter One- No Mercy Killer

"Mmmpffff-" a muffled scream for help could be heard in a stuffy dark room. The person seemed to be struggling out of their might, trying to loosen the ropes tied tightly around them, even a little. Arms numb, fingers dead cold, no blood could circulate due to the tightness of the ropes; any longer and their arms would fall apart. Whoever seemed to have tied them up definitely wanted them to suffer, not even letting them have a taste of relief of any kind. Just... what seemed to be going on here...? No matter how much the person struggled, nothing around them would budge even the slightest. Slowly, the fear of death or torture crept into the mind of this unknown individual. The room they were residing in reeked of blood, anyone would feel seriously sick even after just a whiff of it.

The individual tried to struggle a little bit more before deciding to not waste their energy any longer. They needed to keep calm. Whoever put them there would surely arrive sooner or later right...? And if not, their family surely would report them missing and the police would rescue them. Only, they didn't know for how long they had been in that god awful room. They wanted to leave so badly, but not before getting some revenge on whoever decided to put them through this torture. As the individual was thinking of ways on how to get their precious revenge, a deep and gruffy voice sounded, interrupting their thoughts.

"Just how much of a fucking ruckus are you going to cause?" the inpatient and slightly irritated voice could be heard getting closer and closer to the individual tied to a chair. A cold chill went through their body, causing them to stop all movement and squint to make out the shape of a man.

It was too dark to know what he looked like, but based on the silhouette, the man had a large build, capable of killing in a blink of an eye. The individual was very irritated at seeing the dynamic of powers being flipped on them. Killing intent flashed in their eyes.

"How amusing, you can still glare at people like that? Do you have a death wish?" the voice sounded once again, slightly amused. The individual, hearing this, got angrier and struggled with all their might to rush to attack his kidnapper. Unfortunately for them, the ropes were tied too tightly, not allowing any movement of escape. Angry muffles could be heard as the individual screeched at the man, demanding to be freed. To be put in such a position of powerlessness... How humiliating... How shameful... How pathetic! They didn't want to indulge whoever this bastard was! They were meant to be the one who was always in a position of power. They were meant to be the one who would torture that bastard, not the other way around!

The sudden and urgent burst of the individual made the man chuckle a bit before immediately kicking them in the stomach so the other would stop their foolish struggle. This winded the man and try to take a gasp of air but being unable to since their mouth was sealed shut with heavy tape. They tried hard to endure the sudden burning pain in their stomach, trying to even out their breathing so they didn't pass out from the pain. Trying not to show any feeling of fear or pain, the individual shut their eyes tightly before momentarily opening them again. Hah! A little pain wouldn't affect them. As long as they are out of the restraints, they would be sure to repay the generous debt to the other party. They continued to give a death glare to the man.

"Still not breaking, are we? Should have expected it, but don't worry, I'll make sure you break. I'm an expert in this kind of thing." The man swiftly pulled at the hair of the individual and put a blade on their neck. The individual glared daggers into the other's eyes, not letting him see any ounce of fear or pain. If they give up so soon and show they are afraid of him, then it's game over for them. Also, their pride would not allow to be put in such a position without a fight "It doesn't matter how much of a death glare you give me, it's all pointless for you in the end, I'm not letting you out of here alive." The man mocked as he pressed the blade deeper into their neck, drawing some blood. His intention wasn't to kill just yet. He wanted to make the other suffers as long as possible, begging for mercy, not letting them have any ounce of hope left in their entire being. Killing intent flashed in his eyes, but he quickly calmed himself down. No... Not yet... As much as he wants to kill them now, he cannot do so yet. He still has so much he wants to do before getting to that part. At that thought, he loosens his grip and let's go of the other party.

"You... do you know why you're here?" He questioned. It didn't matter if the other could answer this, all that mattered was that the other would realise that this was punishment for crimes. Hearing this, the other froze. They looked at the man with a little shock and anger in their eyes. "Huh... strange, you stopped struggling as soon as I asked that? So you know why you're here? But even if you knew, why would someone like you be shocked in the first place?" The man called mockingly. He seemed to clearly know the individual to their core. Someone speaking to them in such a manner... It definitely has to be some sort of grudge, right...? Bah! As if that matters. The individual continued to stare daggers at the man, if looks could kill, he would already be dead.

With a face full of hatred, he forcefully took out the gag out of the individual's mouth, allowing the person to speak. The individual took a gasp of breath, ready to see what this person wanted. "Who the hell are you?!" sounded a raspy voice; it was the type of voice that would represent nails on a chalkboard, annoying. This aggressive attitude seemed to irritate the man even further, causing him to grab the individual by his hair and face his face to look up. "Don't forget what position you are currently in; you have no right to ask such questions" the man sneered. There was a hint of fear in the individuals face, but it was quickly covered up. "What I am asking you is quite reasonable, is it not? Besides, this is a crime and you'll be in serious trouble if you kill me." the other played ignorant to the man's accusations.

This seemed to make the man laugh quite a bit. The individual yet kept on a fearless face and added "You'll get what you deserve sooner or later." As soon as he finished his sentence, the blade was quickly put back to their neck; a slight movement and their head would come off. This seemed to quickly destroy the arrogance of the individual. This seemed to be the last strike to the pitiful endurance of the individual.

"W-what do you want? Money? Possessions? Anything! I'll give anything and everything I own, just please don't kill me!" A cry was heard asking for the man's demands. To the surprise of the individual, this didn't seem to quell the anger and hatred of the man, it just seemed to have aggravated it even more, to the point where you could almost hear the rapid heartbeat of the man, not even slowing down for even a second. The man lowered his knife and threw it aside, this made the other sigh in relief. They knew that they messed up their plan on putting on a fearless act, there is nothing they can do to come back from this pathetic move.

"You..." the voice seemed lower and more irritated than before. In one skilful move, a pair of decorative and sharp scissors stabbed the thigh of the individual, making them scream out in agony, pleading for mercy, unfortunately, it seemed like the other was not willing. The fury the man was holding onto seemed to be spewing out from every cell of his being. He let out a couple deep breaths and composed himself to his previous state of mockery.

"So, this is the big shot and worldly famous No Mercy Killer? You can't even keep a façade for even a little bit. I thought that pathetic act of yours would last longer, truly disappointing" The man stated in an indifferent tone, getting his anger out when he stabbed them. "How pitiful, you can't even handle the torture you put those people through, and you have the gall to beg for mercy as well? Disgusting. Simply and utterly disgusting." He gritted his teeth in irritation as he uttered the last sentence.



What did he say...?

The individual immediately shook in horror. Did he find out his identity? How can that be?! Even that useless Chief detective that was after him didn't even know! And even if he did, he had 0 evidence, because he always managed to destroy every ounce of it impeccably. Did he somehow miscalculate and gave himself away? No that can't be-

His thoughts were cut off when the man grabbed the individual by his hair, forcing him to look at him.

"How tragic, you look so weak and hopeless, just how did you manage to torture and kill all those innocent souls?" He added a hint of melancholy at the end of his sentence. Perhaps he lost someone dear to him due to the actions of the No Mercy Killer? So, this was a revenge act? Yes! That must be it! Someone who is grieving and want a taste of revenge always refuses anything offered to them, no matter if it's earth-defying or not.

"S-so you brought me here because I killed someone you knew...?" The No Mercy Killer stammered out, trying to ignore the agonizing pain present in his thigh. Unfortunately for him, he guessed wrong. Oh, how wrong he was...

"Pfffft-" he heard the man trying to suppress his laughter. "Just how simple-minded are you?? And to answer your question, no, I am not here to get my oh-so-sweet revenge for someone I knew. In fact, you've never killed anyone who was close to me at all" he stated mockingly while forcefully letting go of the individual's hair. "Huh...? Then... How..." No Mercy Killer was stupefied. He didn't know what else to think. Just who is he and why does it seem like he is going to decapitate him at any given moment? No one should have a such deep-rooted hatred for a killer who has never even touched a single hair of the other individual's close relations. Just what was going on here?!

"Speak full sentences, my patience is running thin." Irritation and venom spewed from the man's tone. After speaking, he started moving the pair of scissors in a circular motion, inside the wound, making the bleeding worse and the pain more and more unbearable.

"AGHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK PLEASE MAKE IT STOP, IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO BAD!!!! BASTARD MAKE IT FUCKIN STOP!!!!" He started trashing out and about, trying to make the pain lessen for even a little bit. Even his previous method to deal with the pain wouldn't work.

"… Isn't that what all your victims said to you when you tortured them and cut off parts of their bodies with these decorative scissors? If you could readily do it to others, why is it that you can't handle it yourself? You're pathetic" The man increased the pressure of the weapon he was holding, causing the No Mercy Killer wail out in screams even more. The cries of the individual got louder and louder, causing the man to have a headache. He was furious, seething with indistinguishable rage; just what was the man with the upper hand thinking? What was his objective?

"I-I understand! You can take me to the police, I- I w-will confess everything! Just p-please, make it stop!" No Mercy Killer pleaded with his last bit of strength. The man with the scissors suddenly halted his movements, completely silent. The silence was present for who knows how long, causing the No Mercy Killer to be even more afraid and anxious. What was he thinking? Was he considering his offer? Was he going to let him go? With the last thought, he saw a small glimmer of hope shine within. However, in the next second, that hope was also shattered into millions of pieces. In a swift motion, the scissors were pulled out and stabbed his other leg. The quick movements caused the No Mercy Killer to scream in pain. The man let out a small laugh. "Sorry, but that is not possible, you can't bring back the dead now, can you? You really are a hypocritical fool."

"Unfortunately for you, your time has come, I hope you enjoy the show you created" The man added with a tone full of malice. From a distance, a lot of screams and shrieks could be heard.



And then... Silence...

The man stared at the disfigured corpse of the no mercy killer. Not an ounce of emotion could be seen. Just eerie silence as the man continued to be consumed by his thoughts. The scene was somewhat melancholy.



The room was full of people, investigating the scene of the crime, blood could be found everywhere, this was a very gruesome and heartless scene to witness. In front of the disfigured body, a man with white hair and olive-green eyes stood, looking at the victim of this heinous crime. His lips quivered for a moment before he said "How is this possible?! Wasn't he supposed to be in witness protection? He was let go only two days ago" he asked while glancing at a man with jet black hair, soulless black eyes and a large scar imbedded into the corner of his mouth, Gillian, his subordinate and close friend. "Chief, I am not so sure myself, however, maybe he had some sort of connection to the No Mercy Killer?" Gillian guessed as he stood up. This sentence got the detective, Bai Yohan, thinking. Maybe it was? But if so, why didn't he say anything while we were investigating him? What was he so afraid of? Bai Yohan was in a trance, wondering just what could have taken place in this horrifying scene.

His thoughts were halted to a stop when an investigator rushed up to him holding a stack of papers and plastic bags. "Chief Detective!" He cried out, looking somewhat pale. Detective Bai Yohan turned to him "What is it? What did you find?" He asked with his eyebrows raised. The investigator quickly put the stack of somewhat bloody papers into the detective's hand "Please take a look at this, this is so bizarre." Carefully, the detective flipped through the papers that were just given to him, reading line by line, not missing a word. The more he read, the paler he became. Gillian, seeing this, took the papers from the detectives' hands and casually stated "Let me have a look."

Bai Yohan didn't react. He was simply too shocked. How come it happened again? And this time the others at the agency had to witness it too. This was the first time that something like this happened in the scope of their careers. The man, who was the top suspect in the No Mercy Killer case, was just let go for insufficient evidence, now brutally murdered for what he thought was another strike of the No Mercy Killer. In a twisted turn of events, it turned out that the main suspect was indeed the No Mercy Killer himself. Then who killed him? This was simply too bizarre; the No Mercy Killer was killed in the exact same way as all his other victims. Just who could have done it?

"Oh?" Gillian raised an eyebrow; a confused expression was shown on his face. "Wait, so if the No Mercy Killer is dead, then who killed him? The person seems to have used the exact method as the No Mercy Killer" He added. "I was thinking that maybe there are two No Mercy Killers, maybe one thought that the other ratted them out when he was being investigated?" The investigator presumed. "But it has been shown from all the evidence from before that it was just a one man show, no?" Gillian raised his head, looking at the investigator, destroying his theory. This seemed to snap Detective Bai Yohan out of thought, and he added "Maybe we don't have enough evidence for it yet, everyone, please keep investigating the scene, and leave no stone unturned. Got it?" He looked at everyone.

"Yes Chief!" everyone affirmed and got back to work.

Turning back to Gillian, he ordered "Gillian, I want you to take as many photographs of the scene as you can, go it?" "Yes sir. Also, are you feeling alright? You're pale right now." Gillian's tone was concerned for his friend. "Somewhat, I'll be fine. I just haven't seen anything like it before. If it is true that there is another No Mercy Killer out loose, then I would understand with the scene and evidence shown, however, the No Mercy Killer has always proclaimed himself to be one man, in every single one of his hints. I am just confused on what is true or not. I will gather more evidence before I can make a judgement on this matter" Bai Yohan spoke, somewhat fatigued. Gillian gave him a reassuring smile, patted him on the back and left to get a camera.

Bai Yohan felt useless, for the first time in a while, he didn't know what to do. These past few months, a lot of known serial killers, murderers and criminals have ended up dead, with all the evidence proving their identity scattered around. The community was ecstatic about these criminals ending up dead, however, both the detective agency and the police force were baffled, just what was going on? In the past, Bai Yohan tried to show that maybe it was one individual who has been killing these people and closing cases left and right, however, the police force did not want to hear it, saying he was being too delusional for that, asking him how one person can kill so many well-known criminals in such a short period of time. Bai Yohan believed that this case, like any other before that was closed due to the criminals ending up dead, was the result of the same person, taking matters into their own hands. After being severely reprimanded by the higher ups, he decided to just build a case by himself, not uttering a single word to others, just in case, maybe one day they will believe his theory. He also didn't tell his friend, since he didn't want him thinking he was insane because of his theory.

He couldn't believe how the person who killed the No Mercy Killer was so swift with this matter, not even leaving an ounce off evidence behind. Is that even possible?

The time passed quickly, the team slowly cleared out from the scene of the crime and both the detective, and his subordinate were walking to their car. They were both silent; well, more like Bai Yohan was in a daze because of his recent findings and Gillian was quiet by nature. Gillian, noticing the usually chatty and optimistic detective was frowning and not saying a word, he asked "Yohan, what's wrong? Did the scene disturb you too much?" He put a hand on his shoulder, to comfort his friend as much as he could. "No, it's not exactly that, I just have a lot going on my mind, that's all" Bai Yohan gave a slight smile, showing his subordinate and dear friend it was nothing. However, he really wanted to tell him how much of everything that he had found out about this individual who has been killing other criminal all this time, however, no one in the police agency and detective agency believed him, they told him that his theory was farfetched and all the other killings were just coincidences, however, just how many "coincidences" have to occur until people start to suspect it is indeed one person or a group of people carrying out all of these killings? and he didn't want to overwhelm the detective agency with more work, so he decided to investigate this case in secret, trying to have a case strong enough so the others would have no way to prove him wrong or not believe him. As Chief Detective inspector, it was his job to protect the innocent and not so innocent and figure out who was playing vigilante. He knew that people the people this person or group have killed were seriously dangerous individuals, but it was not their job to start carrying out justice whenever they saw or heard about a criminal; It was the job of the police agency and detective agency.

Lost in thought, once again, Bai Yohan was startled out of his wits when he suddenly got a call. Seeing this, Gillian let out a chuckle, amused on how his friend was not even aware of his surroundings whenever he was deep in thought. Bai Yohan immediately composed himself and answered the call. A deep and gruffy voice could be heard. "Chief Detective Inspector, I would like to have a word with you and all the other detectives at your agency, this is a matter or utmost importance. Come to the police station as soon as possible" Bai Yohan had no time to respond to the sudden summoning by the Chief of police, when the call was immediately hung up. "What the?" He let out a confused huff. "What was it about?" Gillian was curious on why the call was so short. "The Chief of police has asked every detective and myself to go to the police station because he wants to talk to us about something serious" Bai Yohan let out a sigh; he just wanted to go home and rest, was it too much to ask? This day has already been full of surprises, and he just wanted to relax and not have to think about work for the rest of the day.

Seeing his lethargic state, Gillian assured "Don't worry, Ill contact everyone and ask them to come to the police station, so don't bother on contacting them." Bai Yohan, hearing this, gleamed at hearing he doesn't have to do any more "work". "You're my saviour!" He called out with shining eyes and a face full of smiles. He quickly coughed. "Thanks man. Also, you're driving." He added. "Alright then" the other party agreed, not bothering with his childish antics.

The meeting room was eerily quiet, no one made a peep, waiting for the Chief of police to enter and explain why he summoned everyone. Bai Yohan was somewhat uncomfortable with this silence and tried to make conversation, however, he was quickly shot down by the others who seemed to be extremely nervous. They were all wondering if they were going to get scolded or something along those lines. Gillian was not worried; he knew that it would be stupid if a Chief of police summoned everyone just to give them a firm scolding for no reason. The door suddenly opened, quickly putting everyone out of their trance. All eyes were on the chief of police. "Thank you for coming here on such short notice. I know how everyone is quite tired from today, however, me and a couple of officials have discovered something while we were looking at all the evidence you have collected today." He stood proudly, his voice not even falling even a bit. He made his way to the front and quickly put the stack of papers he was holding on the table.

"Chief Detective" the man turned to look at Bai Yohan. "I believe that you tried to show us this matter a while ago, however, there was insufficient evidence to prove your theory, but with what happened today, I can concur that you were correct in the matter." He expressed firmly. Bai Yohan was confused for a second until he got what the chief of police meant. The case he was building secretly after it being rejected a while back, the Killer Killer case. That's what he named it. He was surprised that finally, after more than a year and a half, the Police agency would believe his theory of there being an individual who has been killing all these serial killers. He didn't know how to feel; on one hand, he was ecstatic that they were finally acknowledging his hard work of the past, on the other hand, he felt somewhat depressed that it took so long, to let the Killer Killer keep striking while the others refused to even acknowledge his theories. But what's done is done, there can be nothing done to change the past.

The others stared at Bai Yohan, wondering what the Chief of police meant by those words. Gillian also glanced at his friend, wondering what he has been hiding from him. Feeling the countless pairs of eyes on Bai Yohan, he quickly stated "You mean the one of there being someone else who has been killing all of those other criminals, taking justice into their own hands?" "That is correct" The other man affirmed then he quickly added "I believe that after the theory was thrown out, you still researched the matter, yes?" Bai Yohan nodded absentmindedly. The Chief of police smiled "I brought you all here to finally start investigating this matter with both forces, so we can stop other people from doing the same as the one who decided to play hero." His words were loud and firm, indicating how serious this matter was. "So, to start off, Chief detective, what have been your finding? Summarise it as much as you can."

Bai Yohan quickly started explaining, while fidgeting with his fingers "It's been a year and a half of me researching about this individual. I named it the Killer Killer case. The main theme of this individual is that they are very cunning, not even leaving any trace of evidence behind, only leaving the evidence of the people he has killed of them being criminals themselves. His way of killing is never the same, which has caused a lot of confusion at the beginning but after a while, there has been a pattern present. This person always kills those people in the same manner as the individuals themselves have in the past. For example, today with the No Mercy Killer. It seems like this person is extremely vindictive and holds a strong grudge. As of now, I only have about 25 cases that match these criteria. The Killer Killer strikes and always leaves concrete evidence of the wrongdoings of the people he has killed; In which a lot of cases have been closed." The more he spoke, the more the other detectives, investigators and police officers felt astonished. This was their Chief Detective! Never wavering even if others are against him, always working hard to protect others.

Gillian looked at his friend, somewhat surprised; how come he never told him about this? He would have definitely believed him about this "Killer Killer" If he told him about him. They have been friends since the beginning of college, all throughout university and while working together. Maybe he was too afraid perhaps; he knew that his friend was quite childish at times, sometimes he wonders how he managed to become the Chief detective. But that's for another day.

The Chief of police carefully pondered on the detective's findings and added "Since the two agencies haven't… communicated often about evidence on previous cases from our side, we hadn't managed to give those to your agency. We apologise. I have discussed this matter with the officials, they allowed the two agencies to work together, and they put you in charge of the 'Killer Killer' case. We will transfer any and all evidence you need from our side, while also with the tools you need to carry out the investigation from your side."

With this sentence, Bai Yohan was put in a trance. What? He was allowed to finally carry out his investigation with the help of everyone else? And even the police agency was willing to help as well? And of course, the best part was that he was put in charge of the entire investigation. He was incredibly content with this outcome. He quickly stood up and announced "Sir! I appreciate it very much, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I promise to catch this 'Killer Killer'." he showed a proud smile. Normally he would have been allowed to carry out the investigation of the 'Killer Killer' with his entire agency since he was the Chief detective; however, the officials' who heard about this, thought he was wasting resources for some theory he didn't even know was true. Bai Yohan was told he could not continue to carry out this investigation and forced him to give it up. Of course, Bai Yohan was stubborn, so he decided to do it in secret in his own time.

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