1 I Can Transform into Animals!

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"I became an assassin?"

"A dagger? What era is it? Who would still use a dagger to assassinate?"

In a basement of a cheap rental apartment in New York, Lin Neng sat on the bed and complained.

He was originally an ordinary college student.

Suddenly, he transmigrated to a parallel world and became an assassin.

He belonged to one of the three largest assassin organizations in the world, Spear of God. However, Lin Neng was only a D-class assassin with the lowest status in the organization.

The strength of a D-class assassin was very weak. The target of the assassination was also relatively weak. The reward for the mission was also low.

Lin Neng fiddled with the dagger in his hand and smiled bitterly.

It would be good even if he had just a pistol.

He had already joined Spear of God, and could not quit even if he wanted to.

The organization required each member to complete at least three missions of the same level every year.

For example, if Lin Neng was a D-class assassin, he had to complete at least three D-class missions every year, or else he would be punished.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening the Infinite Transformation Evolution System!"

"Infinite Transformation Evolution System?"

Lin Neng was stunned for a moment, then asked, "What is it for?"

"The host can record animal information into the system, and then transform into that animal, randomly evolving the bloodline, body, or a certain organ. After the evolution, it will produce a great lethality."

Lin Neng's first reaction was...just that?

He was a perfectly fine human, why did he have to transform into an animal?

The system detected Lin Neng's thought, and it immediately reminded.

"Host, the transformation is useful."

"As long as you continue to level up, you can have an extraordinarily strong combat power after transforming. Combined with the host's identity, you can become an animal assassin after transforming into an animal and complete many bounty missions."

"Many animals might also evolve out some treasure-hunting abilities. You can also search for treasures. There might be some unexpected gains."

Lin Neng's eyes immediately lit up.

Why didn't he think of that?

After transforming into animals, he could evolve his bloodline, organs, and abilities. It wouldn't be a problem for him to become an assassin.

As long as he was strong enough after transforming, he could become a top-notch assassin!

One had to know that a top-notch assassin would be paid over a hundred million for any missions!

What was the purpose of human living in this world?

Different people might have different answers.

But there were not many people who dared to say that they did not need money.

Thinking of that, Lin Neng immediately communicated with the system.

"Host, if you want to transform, you need to capture an animal first and then record the information of the animal."

"How will it be considered as a successful capture?" Lin Neng asked.

"As long as you capture an animal, and the animal is ownerless, then you can record the information."

Lin Neng nodded and started immediately.

Where were the animals?

The animal market, of course.

Just as he was about to go out, Lin Neng checked his bank balance on his phone, six dollars.

Lin Neng's face instantly turned pale.

Nowadays, pets were more and more expensive. Even a puppy was worth a lot of money. If Lin Neng had a few hundred dollars, he could go out and take a look.

But six dollars... it was hard to even buy a cup of coffee.

Lin Neng was helpless. As an assassin, he was in such a miserable state.

At this moment, a fly flew past Lin Neng with a buzzing sound.


Lin Neng immediately asked the system.

"System, can any animal be used to transform?"

"Answer to the host's question: Yes."

With the system's confirmation, Lin Neng did not hesitate anymore and locked his gaze on the fly.

Since he couldn't afford a pet, couldn't he just catch a fly?

Previously, the system had said that after transforming into an animal, the amount of money needed to evolve was different.

A rabbit might need 10,000 dollars to evolve once.

But a lion needed at least 1,000,000 dollars to evolve once.

Thinking that the difference between the two was too big, the price of their evolution was naturally different.

For example, the fly in front of him.

Its lethality was pitifully small, so the amount of money spent on evolution would be relatively small.

Lin Neng immediately started to capture.

The fly looked weak, but it was not easy to capture it alive.

It was easy to kill the fly with one slap when it was not paying attention, but the system required him to capture it alive, or else it would not be able to transform.

That made the process of capturing the fly a little difficult.

At this moment, the fly was lying on the window, motionless.

Lin Neng crouched on the ground, not daring to make a sound. He wanted to rush over and catch the fly.

But the moment he moved, the fly sensed something and flew away with a buzz.

Soon, it landed on the ceiling again.

Lin Neng continued the 'fight" with the fly.

Half an hour later, Lin Neng still got nothing. The fly was flying around the room, but he could not catch it.

Lin Neng sat on the sofa, panting. His eyes were staring at the fly flying in the air, and he was a little angry.

"I must catch you today!"

Lin Neng rummaged through the drawers and finally found a small bottle of honey and an expired piece of bread.

He tore a small piece of bread, spread a layer of honey on the surface, and put it on the table.

Lin Neng found another plastic cup and tied a string on it.

The plastic cup was held up by a small stick, half hanging in the air, and right below it was the fragrant bread.

Lin Neng had used that method to catch birds, but now he was using it to catch a fly.

Lin Neng pulled the string with his hand and quietly waited for the fly to take the bait.

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