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I've been reading this authors novels for about 2 years at this point. Consistently the chapters are high quality and contribute meaning to the overall story. One massive downside to the author's writing is that due to the high quality it leaves you always craving for more! I'm really looking forward to the new power system as in the authors last novel it was incredibly well planed out. As always thanks for a new masterpiece!

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perpetually a fan of this author his previous 2 works are amazing. great quality,characters and world building. looking forward to the new work and will continue to support you


After reading to chapter 79 I have decided to drop. this story is way to boring and the mc is just... i want to say push over but he is only like 16 or 18, but idk.


Kill the Sun! This is definitely a phrase that will remain in my mind for a long time. I can say that I'm eager to discover what the author has in store for us readers.


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I want to point out Author's biggest pros and cons as someone who is a big fan of author's previous 2 works. And what you can expect from this novel as well. Pro: 1.)Author NAILS the power-systems especially in Sword God, it's unironically atleast top 3 among power-systems in general. So you can expect this novel to have a great power-system as well. 2.)The training arcs are the best parts of Author's novel. They go into detail in the mechanics, with baby-steps as well as trail and errors. You feel a personal connection to the power/technique MC obtains since you saw the entire struggle of how MC obtains it and it makes all the more satisfying when MC uses them. 3.) I have never seen author write a 2D-bland character even if it's a one time occurring side character. They actually act as competent beings and possess dynamic personality. Cons: 1) Biggest Con of author is he does not treat the side characters well. Author would write a character with so much potential only to be never mentioned again. Biggest slap in the face is when these side characters die off screen and we know they are dead because so much time has passed that there lifespans are already over. This happened over and over again in Lightning is the only way, same goes for Sword god I am still mad one of my favorite character just died without ever being mentioned(I don't want to directly mention name since it's spoiler so I will just in a cryptic way say: 🔥 🌎 ) There are some other smaller cons but for the most part Author is GOAT! So I can personally expect "Kill the Sun" to be my new favorite of all times.




Great book talented author my only complaint is this author seems to only write characters that spent 70% of there life drowning in self hatred I reached my limit in sword god and had to drop it :/ Sadly I’m already about to reach my limit in this book as well author please for the love of my sanity in your next book can you please ease up on this in aspect in your next novel so I can enjoy it <3


Author, I like your world building and way of writing, but your novels get too dark for me. It made me feel sad throughout Sword God. If you write a light-hearted, I would definitely be interested. I can not read this anymore.I have read until chapter 104


I really wanted to like this novel but honestly i just can't tragedy genre just ain't for me i guess. everything that can go wrong does all the time. in all honesty this novel feels depressing and i don't mean depressing at times I mean overall there's constant air of depression that just never goes away ever. also a few just just absolutely revolting things happen as well but you can over look those. the power system while admittedly unique kinda just feels weird and clunky. the MC, hmmm idk how to peg him to be honest but if you're familiar with the authors work and writing style then he shouldn't be very much different. other characters are pretty decently fleshed out to be honest some of the specters are a bit more interesting as characters. overall if you're into tragedy and that kinda stuff give it a read, if you're not don't touch this with a 10 foot pole.


can mc do anything else that cry 😭if some thing bad happen it was fine at start but after every 50ch mc is crying .I rather have him become a killing machine than a broken character


Splendid novel characterized by inspiring characters and grimly appealing worldbuilding. The central concept is as chilling as can be. Apart from human bravery, this world is a desolate and frightening place that is terrorized by beings beyond imagination. The style is very much characteristic to the author, concise, clean, and impactful. Another thing that pops out is the intensely likable main character. Plot is tense. Very tense. Never seen such a colorful combination of post-apocalyptic and wildly dreamlike stuff before wrapped in compact and witty words like this, but I sure do love it.


This has to be one of the best plots for a web novel and the high writing quality is simply fantastic incredible work done.


Such a good book, I loveee reading it so much


I have a problem: I never know what to write to reach the line of one hundred and forty characters, even when I wrote this I couldn't.......


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This book delves into the life of a character navigating a dark world while under immense pressure. As the character gains power, he uncover an even darker side to the world, leading him to adopt a darker persona, albeit with seemingly noble justifications. The narrative explores the interplay between the dark setting, the allure of power, and the protagonist's journey. However, the story falls short due to questionable reasons behind various plot developments, feeling more like forced storytelling at times. Despite persisting through 350 chapters, the increasing annoyance eventually led me to abandon it. I cannot recommend it unless you're truly desperate for reading material.


A moral mc he always cries😅 I really don't like this 😔


Problem: The Sun. Solution: One billion lions.


loved the part where everyone died again, and again, and again anyways when is he killing the sun?