76 Chapter 76 – The Second Specter

The Screaming Coffin opened fully, and Nick saw a black void inside.


As soon as Nick saw the black void, he knew that he couldn't enter the coffin or he would die.


Power seemed to be irrelevant when encompassed by the Screaming Coffin.


Anything living would be turned into nourishment for the coffin.


Nick slightly moved his arms and felt that he could still use a lot of power.


For a bit, Nick let himself get pulled closer, and when they were only a bit less than two meters apart, Nick became active.




Nick immediately ripped his left and right arms free, followed by his legs.


Immediately, the other bandages loosened, and shockingly, they even cut themselves off!


The Screaming Coffin immediately let go of Nick, leaving several parts of Nick's body encased in white bandages.



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