59 Chapter 59 – Levels

"We currently have liquid funds of a bit over 400,000 credits. That means we can purchase another Containment Unit," Wyntor said as he sat in front of Nick in his office.


"400,000 credits?" Nick asked. "I thought we only had something like 250,000 credits."


"There are a couple of tricks that can increase the value of our Zephyx," Wyntor said. "My job is not only for show, after all. If I don't do a good job, the money that comes in doesn't reach its full potential."


Nick just nodded.


Nick had never suspected that Wyntor wasn't working. 


Even though Nick didn't know what Wyntor was doing all day, he still trusted in him.


There were probably many things that Wyntor was doing that Nick and his two employees didn't even notice.


"So, we can get a new Containment Unit and get a second Specter?" Nick asked.



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