58 Chapter 58 – Growth

Nick nervously sat down.


He knew that something was up since Wyntor was taking on a very distant and professional tone. 


"What's up?" Nick asked.


Wyntor took hold of the copy of the metal plate Nick had made the day before and showed it to Nick. "This."


Nick raised an eyebrow.


"I know that yesterday was a special day and all since Jenny needed the money quickly, but you can't just forge my signature. If I wanted to, I could sue you and get all of your money," Wyntor said.


"But everything was correct, right?" Nick asked. "So, there are no issues."


Wyntor slightly shook his head. "Yes, the amount was correct, but you went too far and meddled with my job. I never meddle with your job since it's your job."


"Nick, you cannot hand out money to people in the name of the company. You do not have the right or the power to do that," Wyntor said with a serious voice.


Nick furrowed his brows. "Then, what should I have done? She needed the money."


"Call me," Wyntor said. "I told you how you can reach me. Just call me. I would have arrived within 30 minutes and would have given her the money."


Nick looked a bit uncomfortable. "You've worked for nearly 16 hours yesterday. I didn't want to waste another hour of your time."


"I get where you are coming from," Wyntor said, "but you can't just hand out money. If there is an emergency like the one yesterday, call me. It doesn't matter what happened before that. If there is a genuine emergency, you always need to call me."


Nick sighed. "Fine. I won't meddle in your tasks anymore, Wyntor."


Wyntor smiled and nodded. "Then, there are no issues, Nick."


The next moment, Wyntor took out a metal plate and handed it to Nick. "I will give Jenny her money at the same time as you. In general, I look at the revenue from yesterday and hand you two the money at about 2 p.m. When you're both here."


Nick nodded and took the metal plate.


He could see the number 1,800 on it.


Since Nick produced seven grams of Zephyx, he got 1,400 credits for his own work, and since he was the Chief Zephyx Extractor, he also got 10% of what Jenny produced, which was another 400 credits.


1,800 credits in a day.


That was a lot, even for the people in the Outer City.


Usually, people in the Outer City earned between 1,500 and 4,000 credits per month.


Nick was making 1,800 per day.


Sure enough, being a Zephyx Extractor was extremely lucrative.


Nick took the metal plate and pocketed it.


"Everything going well with Jenny?" Wyntor asked.


Nick nodded. "Nothing to complain about."


"Good," Wyntor answered with a smile.


After some more small talk, Nick left Wyntor's office and went to Horua.


When Nick entered Horua's room, he saw Pator cleaning up.


After greeting each other, Pator told Nick about the next candidates.


Nick told Pator to send them to his room in 30 minutes one by one, as always.


30 minutes later, a person walked into Nick's room, and the two of them talked about many things over the next hour.


Sadly, the candidate seemed quite fidgety and nervous, which meant that he most likely wasn't a fit for the position of Zephyx Extractor.


The second person wasn't any better.


The third person seemed a bit weird. Just to be careful, Nick refused them.


After dealing with Horua again and eating some things, Nick went to wake up Jenny, and the two of them went home.


This was how a normal day for Nick went.


He woke up, worked with the Dreamer, talked a bit with Jenny, got his money, dealt with Horua, interviewed a couple of people, talked with Jenny again, dealt with Horua one more time, and went to sleep.


One day.


About two weeks later, Nick finally found a third candidate.


His name was Trevor, and he also came from the Dregs.


Trevor seemed to be quite a confident individual who smirked a lot. 


He was pretty good at socializing and seemed to be the center of every gathering.


Some people perceived him to be annoying, but others found him to be charming and amusing.


When he met the Dreamer for the first time, he mostly smiled bitterly and cracked several jokes.


Apparently, that was his method of coping with intense fear and stressful situations. He was just laughing and trying to lighten the spirits of everyone.


Luckily, Trevor managed to work with the Dreamer without issues, and eight hours later, he woke up with his new ability.


Just like Jenny, Trevor could put people to sleep and observe part of their dreams.


When Wyntor met Trevor, he thought that the Dreamer's ability fit him very well.


Jenny was very straightforward and honest, which meant that deception was not in her blood.


However, Trevor was different.


Trevor had a very loud and direct personality, and he was good at masking his intentions.


If Wyntor ever needed some kind of secret agent, Trevor would be a much better fit than Jenny.


From now on, Trevor would take the shift from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.


This meant that the Dreamer's output had reached its maximum potential.


Per day, Nick produced seven grams of Zephyx, Jenny produced four grams of Zephyx, and Trevor produced five grams of Zephyx for a total of 16 grams of Zephyx.


That meant Dark Dream was bringing in 16,000 credits per day!


For one more month, everyone worked with the Dreamer.


That was when Wyntor wanted to talk to Nick again.


With the money now flowing in and the Dreamer being worked with at full efficiency, it was now time to expand.


They needed a second Specter.


Sadly, since the company wasn't earning enough to create a full team of Investigators, it was once more up to Nick to find the next Specter.


But this time, it wouldn't be as easy.


At least, that was what Nick thought.

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