396 Chapter 396 – The Talker

"It's like a big greyish-white stone. Usually, you can see a couple of guards standing around it."


"Huh, why are guards standing around the Rust Lick?" Jayjay asked.


"It's because salt is necessary to survive, and the people of the Outer City often forget to consume enough salt. People in the Inner City have a lot of added salt in their food, but people in the Outer City don't."


"Why don't they use salt in their food? I heard it tastes good," Jayjay asked.


"Mostly money problems. Salt is expensive."


"Why's the salt so expensive?" Jayjay asked.


Nick felt like it was hard to focus his eyes, and he often saw his vision becoming blurry.


How long had he been at this?


He didn't know.


He had set the timer to eight hours before entering, and since the alarm hadn't rung yet, Nick couldn't have been here for longer than eight hours.



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