380 Chapter 380 – Champion of Light

The difference in power between a common man and Nick was staggering.


Even without his ability, Nick was around 150 times more powerful than his base physical body.


He could jump for over a kilometer.


He could run faster than 200 kph.


He could lift things that weighed over ten tons.


And he was only an Early Veteran.


The difference in power between a normal person and an Early Veteran was the same in terms of magnitude as the difference between an Early Veteran and a Mid Specialist.


A Mid Specialist could clear over 50 kilometers in a single jump.


Their speed would have to be calculated in kilometers per second.


They could lift over a thousand tons.


And then, the same difference in magnitude applied again when one went from Mid Specialist to Late Protector.


The power of such a person was unimaginable.



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