350 Chapter 350 – The Team

"Have you all made your preparations?" Nick asked the four people in front of him.


Right now, Nick stood in front of Dark Dream's entrance, looking at four of his employees.


The four nodded.


A couple of days ago, Nick had called the four of them to his office one by one to tell them about his plan.


They would leave Crimson City and search for Specters.


Nick had long thought about whether he should go on his own or in a group.


In the end, he had decided to go with a small group.


Even though three of the four people in front of him were far weaker than Nick, their combined strength was still scary due to their abilities.


Fighting a Specter wasn't always straightforward, and sometimes, it was almost impossible to beat one with a conventional method.


The Crimson Sea was the best example.



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