332 Chapter 332 – Congratulations

Everyone just looked at each other nervously.


Things could go bad real quick.


For several seconds, everyone remained quiet.


"Sir, this contract can't be fake," one of the people from Kugelblitz said carefully. 


Vernon narrowed his eyes. "Are you saying I'm a scam artist?" he asked.


"No, no, no!" the man quickly answered with fear. "Maybe… your contract is fake…"


Vernon's eyes narrowed even further.


"But you didn't fake it?" the guy added carefully, almost wording it like a question.


Vernon's brows furrowed.


The contract could be fake, but he didn't fake it…


Vernon looked at the contract in concentration.


Only people who had signed the contract could give it to the city for safekeeping, and Vernon was certain that Wyntor would never allow Nick to give the contract to the city.



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