320 Chapter 320 – Investment

Nick's feet left the huge pillar that Solace's building was built on, and Nick started to fall.


He had never fallen from such an insane height.


Nick felt the air hitting his face, and the sound of rushing winds thundered in his ears.


The thought of falling from so high up used to terrify Nick, but right now, he felt something completely different.


It was some kind of freedom, but that word wasn't completely accurate.


Maybe it was some kind of calling?


Maybe it was the feeling of something terrifying ending?


Maybe it was the feeling of touching something extremely dangerous?


Or maybe it was the feeling of touching something very warm and nice?


No matter how it was described, Nick felt like something in his chest was becoming warmer.


Nick's speed was picking up at a scary pace.


The fall didn't take as long as Nick had thought.


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