290 Chapter 290 – The True City



A mass of people was shouting in fear as the floor beneath them quaked intensely.


While one part of the Dregs had fled to the walls, the other part had fled towards the Outer City.


The red mist came through the grates and holes in the ground, and the Outer City barely had any holes.


The only holes were the toilets, and not much red mist could get through there.


On the edge between the Dregs and the Outer City was a wall of red mist that was rising upward.


From time to time, red faces seemed to appear in the mist, but they were not nearly as numerous as the red faces in the Crimson Sea itself.




The floor shook again, and the people ran closer to the Inner City.


The Crimson Sea exploded upward, its liquid splashing against the floor of the Inner City.



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