262 Chapter 262 – Future Eternal

The Prison looked at Julian for quite a while.


It hadn't expected for Julian to know that Envy was stuck fighting Aegis.


It was true.


Envy couldn't spare any of its powerful servants since Aegis was putting enormous pressure on it.




"That will not always be the case," the Prison said. "You are making a decision out of a momentary situation that will have permanent consequences."


The mouths chuckled.


"It's not permanent," they answered.


"The rate of my growth is unmatched."


"I only need to become a Demon, after which I will take control of the leadership of this city."


"And then, my power will not only be contained in this city."


"The governor can call Aegis."


"Is your lord willing to risk its powerful servants for a desire for revenge?"


The smiles on the mouths turned cocky.



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