251 Chapter 251 – Gloom

More time passed, and eventually, Nick became 20 years old.


It was crazy to think that Dark Dream was already four years old and that Nick had been working as a Chief Zephyx Extractor for an equally long time.


Dark Dream hadn't gained any new Specters for a while since they wanted to focus on their strength for now.


They still only had eight Johns, and they needed more.


After all, the number of Adolescents in Dark Dream was rising.


Even the Puppy had become an Adolescent now.


This meant that Dark Dream had seven Adolescents and only three Hatchlings.


Luckily, the three Hatchlings would never become Adolescents.


Everything seemed to be working out great.


Nick was becoming stronger.


Dark Dream was growing.


They were earning insane amounts of money.



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