248 Chapter 248 – Unconscious

After seeing their reactions to Wyntor's bluff, Nick was convinced that these two wanted to get fired.


He wasn't certain whether or not they were spies, though.


Although, that didn't exactly matter since they would become "spies" anyway.


After all, they would tell the other Manufacturers about Dark Dream's Specters.


Nick looked at the two of them from behind with narrowed eyes.


"And why do you think it is disrespectful and humiliating?" Wyntor asked with a polite smile.


"Be-because this is your office, and we feel uncomfortable in a stranger's office," the same guy said again.


The other one hadn't said anything yet.


"Is that so?" Wyntor asked, looking at them.


Nick could tell that the two of them were becoming more agitated, and they even started glancing at Nick more times.



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