246 Chapter 246 – Office Problems

With the Blood Hawk and the Blood Horse, Dark Dream now officially had ten Specters.


Within three years, Dark Dream had grown from one Specter to ten!


Even more, they also had 21 Zephyx Extractors, which was nothing to scoff at.


Back then, Cycle had seemed dangerous with their six Newbies and two Johns.


But now, Dark Dream had eight Johns and 13 Newbies.


Funnily enough, Dark Dream had even more Newbies than Kugelblitz.


Nick's workload had also changed.


Back then, he had been working with all of their Specters, and he hadn't needed to talk to his employees a lot since there hadn't been many.


But now, Nick was having a meeting with his team leaders daily about the teams and the issues.


Naturally, the bigger the company became, the more interpersonal issues cropped up.


One Extractor didn't like how another Extractor talked to them.



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