245 Chapter 245 – Blood Horse and Blood Ancestor

Nick walked over to the Containment Unit that was across from the Blood Hawk's Containment Unit.


After fiddling with the console for a bit, Nick jumped through the entrance again.


Nick immediately saw a big figure in the middle of the Containment Unit.


Just like the Blood Hawk, this one was also made of blood and flesh.


Except that this one was a horse without a head.


Nick had never seen or heard of horses before, but the city had dubbed this Specter the Blood Horse, which probably meant that horses existed.


The Blood Horse's tail was made of strings of meat, and its hooves were also made of some kind of hardened meat.


At the place where its neck should be was just nothing.


Its front looked just like its back, minus the fleshy tail.


Nick immediately had to evade to the right as soon as he entered.





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