244 Chapter 244 – Hyper Regeneration

The Blood Hawk fell to the ground, but it didn't immediately stand up.


Obviously, the hit had dealt quite some damage to it.


That was when Nick noticed that the surface of the Blood Hawk seemed to vibrate and move like it was wavy water.


Nick just watched.


About ten seconds later, the hawk stood up and charged at Nick again.


During this entire time, it hadn't made a single sound.


The Blood Hawk was completely quiet all the time unless it hit one of the walls by accident.


Nick easily grabbed both its talons and forced them into his left hand.


He was essentially holding the Blood Hawk like a chicken.


The hawk tried to attack him, but Nick just waved it around so that it couldn't.


A moment later, Nick grabbed one of the wings.




Nick tore the wing off and threw it to the side.



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