218 Chapter 218 – Shares

Nick quickly climbed down the stairs in Kugelblitz while he kept thinking about what to do regarding his future.

He had to become powerful.

There was no other way.

For that, he needed stronger Specters, for which he needed more people, for which he needed more money, for which he needed more Zephyx, for which he needed more Specters.

'I have to buy parts of Dark Dream since that will be what I will be relying on to become stronger.'

'The stronger Dark Dream becomes, the stronger I become.'

'And my first priority should be to get an Adolescent Specter that I can work with.'

'I am already a level two Extractor, and I need much more Zephyx to become stronger. Yet, while I'm technically working with three Specters, I am only absorbing Zephyx from one, the Bleeding Lady, and she's not even an Adolescent.'

'I don't have the time to work with the Fog or the Dreamer.'


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