208 Chapter 208 – Meeting Room

Nick didn't immediately answer Vernon and just looked at Wyntor.

Right now, Nick wasn't sure how to feel.

On one hand, he was so happy that Wyntor wasn't selling Dark Dream, but on the other hand, Nick felt guilty.

He felt like he had betrayed Wyntor a little bit.

Although, it couldn't really be called a betrayal.

After all, Wyntor had made clear that he had only created Dark Dream for his inheritance.

Earlier, when Nick had heard that he would be joining Kugelblitz and entering their training program, he had felt bad.

Sure, Kugelblitz was amazing and powerful, but Nick would definitely lose his position as Chief Zephyx Extractor.

He wouldn't even become an area manager or team leader.

He wouldn't even be a "normal" Zephyx Extractor.

He would just become a trainee.

From Chief Zephyx Extractor to trainee.

That would be a brutal drop in status.


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