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Kuuuuuuhhhhhh just found this series today and gobbled it all up in one seating!! There goes my bedtime but this is just too good! I would strongly recommend you to read it if you like a fleshed out story and battle of wits. It has excellent plot and likeable MC.. he is not OP and neither are his teammates. Each and every of the characters has strength and weakness, and a realistic characteristic and motive. Just like in RL not everyone are permanently enemies, things changes constantly. The MC is smart and I am not saying that just like in many other webnovel where the MC looks pretentiously smart because the rest are incapable... The MC is truly capable to think in analytical manner, he doesn’t let his weakness pulls him down but he analysed it and make it a strength. He also puts in effort and this analytical strength eventually becomes a strength for strategical war. Similar to attack of titans, in this world human has to battle with fantastical characters who has overwhelming strengths that human lacked. So human turned to science and technology. Even then, they are still weak in comparison to this unknown force. Call me masochistic but I have a soft spot for a world where the MC is at the disadvantage since it forces them to be creative with their fight and there is always a constant threat of losing someone in this story. And this novel, it doesn’t seems to play around with their threat.

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This is just perfect! Compared to other series with OP MC, this is just good enough. Although his leadership and his skills to lead the squad is extremely good, with him still have some flaws I think it's still quite logical


Characters are fleshed out and no one is overpowered. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and most of them are likable. Just try it out ! If you're into military and war strategies then this would hook you right away. If you're into romance then you should probably go find another as there's not even a speck of that here.


None of the reviews have read past chapter 8 unless you count a review saying "UNDERATED". This novel does not deserve it's 4.9 star rating (as I'm writing this). This is a cheap knock-off of Ender's Game. Granted, the author has thrown in some token racism and changed the evil alien race to dragons, but still. The MC has the basic orphan, persevering personality yet is dreadfully weak in the things that count. His psychic energy is virtually non-existent yet his other skills are great, but they won't help him against the dragons. The updates are extremely stable so far it seems, with regular updates.


Damn dude. i didn't expect it to be this good when we were swapping but holy crsp i'm definitely hook right now akslxloxxppdpdpdcpvllclvlvldmems


This is soo good that I binged read this in just 19 hours or 20(not sure). It's such a pity that it last updated 2 yrs ago😞 I just wanna know if you guys are planning to continue translating this?


Overall it's a perfect story with no super op characters nor cheat items to help MC, it's a stable story with balanced characters but it's sad that the translation has been on a hiatus for over a year now


oh it's really a hidden gem! thanks for sharing this neggawambawwawrumpumdambuwawkalalakalakakaakakakakakakakakkakakkakakakaakkakakaakaaakakakakaka


Really enjoying this. Gutted they havnt continued it. Found another translation buts its that poor im not going to bother. I like the over all story line and how tbe main character isnt instantly over powered. He uses alot of logic to sort the problems out.


hope this novel gets updates now that it has a webtoon adaptation. I found this novel due to me stumbling upon the webtoon. it is promising ngl but knowing it hasn't been touched for 2 years is kinda dissappointing. Hope this gain more attention.


Good story minus the laced misogyny and blatant racism remarks thrown here and there. It does give realism since people do think this way about women and people of other races (eg. the things said about kuro - which why would you name him "black" simply because he's black. Like really?) I mean, is it so necessary?


Absolutely amazing, its quite similar to enders game where they need to train children to combat the antagonists which in this case, are dragons.


This work is stolen and not original. I am the original fan translator of this korean light novel Kill the Dragon. I only post my translations on whimsical translations. This user, who stole my translator name, is posing to be me. In the first place, the author is not "iseuli". The original author is 백수귀족. Do not support this story on webnovels. Do not give out your spirit stones. Do not leave good reviews. Fan translations get stolen all the time. But it's really upsetting the person stole my translator name. If you respect this story and my translations, please take this story down. I almost want to stop translating this project at all.


Great novel. I’m pretty well hooked. I want to read the rest. Where can I get the rest of it? Why does it stop at 93? I thought this was written years ago.


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Training, military, psychic powers, and dragons! Such a wacky premise and yet it is such a good read. It is very remenicient of Enders Game...


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Fantastic story so far. I binged this all today so I cant really say how well updates are but I hope it is quick. Great new novel on here I will be sticking with till the end! McCain development is interesting. Side characters have depth to them, world building is pretty good. Overall Awesome!


This is pretty good for a original webnovel. Deserves more readers. Kinda gives off an Enders game vibe and maybe a little bit of pacific rim vibe as well. Read it please