1 Psychic Children

In the not so distant future when science completely replaced religious beliefs, humanity had begun a war to prevent the extinction of the human race.

Dragons had begun invading the earth with an organized military force.

Modern weapons of this era were strong enough to destroy an entire country on earth, but these dragons had crossed over from a different dimension and the usual military armaments were not strong enough to destroy them.

The humans required supernatural psychic abilities to kill dragons. Another dimension and Earth had combined into one. Amongst the humans there were those who manifested new psychic powers, who were called "acquired psykers".

Only these psykers had the ability to kill the dragons.

After three years, the First War of Aggression was won by humanity. However, a famous psyker who had the ability to look into the future forewarned that in fifteen years there would be a second wave.

"The enemies we have fought are but mere advanced guards. Humanity must prepare for the enemy's main forces in order to once again fight for the survival of humankind."

After the invasion of the dragon race, there were children who were "inborn psykers." Since birth, they had been influenced by the energies of this new world. These inborn psykers had superior potential compared to the acquired psykers.

Cross-nationally, humanity gathered all the children who were judged to be psykers and established an institution to cultivate and train them. It was mandatory that all children with psychic abilities register at these institutions. Trying to claim an infringement of basic human rights was meaningless in front of the possibility that humanity could go extinct.

These psyker children were the last hope of humanity.

After the first war of aggression, 12 years had passed. At the North-east Asian Alliance, an orphaned boy from the Republic of Korea had been judged as a psyker.

He was caught stealing food for the younger orphans by the police, but the psyker sensor had resonated.

This young boy was a psyker and was then registered to the training institution "Ark."

His name was 'Han Lee'.

His power level was judged to be D rank, but the human race was desperate for even these mere psykers.

Chapter 1. Psyker Training Institution, Ark

"These are your new clothes, toothbrush, and daily necessities."

Han Lee received a formal uniform and several small items. He had never worn such clean clothes before. There were no holes and the size was perfect.

"I want to go home." Han spoke, causing the man in the suit to laugh.

"There are places much nicer than that abandoned building."

They had already collected all the information they needed about Han Lee. Han had been orphaned due to the war. He was the leader of a small group of orphans that numbered a little over ten. They lived day-by-day panhandling and begging. The orphans were supposed to be protected by the government, but after so much war nobody could support vagrants and orphans.

"My younger siblings are all waiting for me."

"You will be able to eat all the food you want at Ark. Although you will be undergoing harsh training, this country will provide everything to make your life as comfortable as possible."

"Sure, I'll be full, but that doesn't mean my younger siblings will be able to eat to their heart's content with me."

Han glared at the man causing him to flinch. The agent was shocked to see such aggressive emotions from a ten year old.

'How could he have such a strong sense of responsibility at such a young age?'

The man in the suit scratched his head. Han didn't move like he did before. It was possible to forcefully transfer the kid, but training was something that couldn't be forced upon anyone. Right now he had to coax the boy somehow, someway.

"If you attend Ark, we will distribute food provisions for all of your siblings."

"Please periodically send me photos as proof. I must be able to see with my own eyes that they are doing well."

Han was a smart child. He was the leader of the orphans; thus, he had already learned how to do business with adults.

"That's fine."

The man in the suit couldn't gain the upper hand. Han Lee was not like a child at all; the boy only made logical and reasonable comments.

'If he wasn't born in this era, he would have grown up to be an important figure. Though, a psyker is already a huge accomplishment.'

Psykers were the only existence in this world that had the power to kill dragons.

Humanity depended on the cultivation of the psyker armies. Each country was going crazy and doing their best to increase their possession of psykers by sending them to the international training institution, Ark.

An astronomical amount of funds were required for a single person to be trained at the Ark. Even so, countries all around the world invested as much money and resources as they could into these schools. They went above and beyond, going through every household in order to increase the psyker count of their military force.

After the war against the dragons ends, the psyker count would only add many benefits to the military.

In an all out war, one psyker would be the equivalent to the fighting power of a mid-sized squadron.

Depending on the situation, psykers could be used with similar technical strategies to nuclear weapons. There are many variations of powers amongst individual psykers, so they could possibly be a deadlier force than nuclear weapons.

At the moment, humanity shared a common enemy. But once that war ended, it would become a war of psykers.

Each country was doing their best to secure a safe amount of psykers for themselves.

"Hey, what are you struggling against such a brat for? I heard his potential power amounts to a mere D rank. He probably won't even be able to complete basic training and end up back home crying…"

The man's superior spoke. The superior seemed to be a soldier. Han didn't react to these words at all. Han looked on simply listening.

"Ah, Major Kang."

The man in the suit saluted and stepped back. Major Kang stared at Han Lee.

"I am responsible for taking you to Ark. Do you know where Ark is located?"

"I heard it's a psyker training institution."

"How insolent. It's not your usual psyker institution. This is an institution dedicated to training humanity's heros. Only the top geniuses are sent to this school. The fate of a homeless brat like you is only failure. The quantity of psykers is not important, it's the quality. Do you understand?"

"Rather than eating corn or potatoes three times, it's better to eat a nice plate of meat once. Right?"

Major Kang chuckled.

"It seems you're not so stupid after all. As promised, we will take care of your younger siblings. We shall provide them a place to sleep and more than enough food."

"Education as well. Please help my younger siblings to go to school."

Han was not shy to add more conditions.

"Sure, sure, but remember this well. If you drop out of Ark because you couldn't handle their training or you fail, then that will be the end of our sponsorship. All your younger siblings will return to the streets."

"If I receive good grades, will they be able to obtain better treatment?"

"Of course. Psykers are humanity's treasures and a country's assets."

"Then please let my younger siblings grow up in the best community."

"Why should we have to do so?"

Major Kang opened his eyes wide and stared towards Han Lee.

"Because I will become the top student of Ark."

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