20 The city

I stepped out of the tower, defiance clear in my every step. I wasted my morning waiting for Artemis.

I shouldn't have.

I don't need to inform my whereabouts to her.

The soldiers let me out of the palace without asking any questions.

I pushed the encounter with Artemis to the back of my mind, there is no need to give her so much importance.

I am in Valoria, the most beautiful city in all the empire. the place I have been dreaming of visiting since I read about it.

It might be in the kingdom of the enemy, but that doesn't change the truth about it.

Now that I am finally here.

I will not let a second go to waste.

As I walked into the bustling streets of Kysoria, my eyes widened in awe.

The city rose before her, a testament to the power and prosperity of Kysoria. Towering spires reached towards the heavens, their peaks disappearing into the endless expanse of the sky.

I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by its grandeur. The city seemed to rise like a majestic phoenix from the very depths of my imagination, its towering spires reaching towards the heavens with an air of regal elegance.

I had never seen so many people, so many colors, so much activity, on a normal day in Aradia, only when there is a festival do we see this much crowd.

The city was alive with energy, and it felt as though every inch of the city was pulsing with life.

As I strolled along the streets, I couldn't help but notice the intricate architecture that surrounded me. Majestic buildings, adorned with ornate carvings and gilded accents, reached towards the heavens, a testament to the kingdom's wealth and power. The intricate details seemed to come alive, telling stories of the great history that Kysoria held within its walls.

The streets were paved with polished cobblestones, gleaming under the warm rays of the sun. The buildings that lined the avenues were a testament to the kingdom's prosperity, adorned with intricate carvings and adorned with golden accents that caught the light and cast a radiant glow.

It was so beautiful that I want to spend hours exploring the city.

Fortunately, I changed into my clothes before I entered the city as I already seemed out of place.

As I traversed the city, I marveled at the sheer wealth that permeated its streets. Gilded carriages rolled by, pulled by majestic steeds, while ornate fountains adorned the plazas, their crystal-clear waters dancing in the sunlight. Everywhere I turned, there were signs of opulence – the gleam of precious gemstones, the rich fabrics flowing in the wind, and the elegance of the aristocracy that adorned the royal court.

The streets were alive with activity, a vibrant tapestry of color and movement. People from all walks of life bustled through the thoroughfares, their garments a kaleidoscope of hues.

I found myself mesmerized by the diversity of faces I encountered – the merchants with their shrewd gazes, the artisans with their skilled hands, and the nobles with their air of regal elegance.

Yet amidst the grandeur, I sensed an undercurrent of power. It emanated from the very stones of the city, whispering tales of the kingdom's formidable reputation and unwavering influence.

It was a place where dreams were realized and destinies were shaped, where ambition and determination could soar to unimaginable heights.

And now my fate is tied to this place.

After an hour of exploring, I decided to do some important things that need to be done.

First, I have to send a letter to Cassie, informing her about my whereabouts. She must be so concerned.

I wonder what is happening in the kingdom. I wish there was a way to find out about it.

And I also need buy some new clothes.

For that I will have to go to the marketplace.

When I asked a gentleman to point me in the direction, he told me to go straight in the north direction, and about half an hour later I will be in the market.

Thanking the gentle man, I started towards the marketplace.

'Wait,' I stopped as I realized that I didn't have any money.

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