1 Princess Arianna

"Congratulations, princess." Princess Arianna stood in the grand hall of the castle, adorned in a luxurious gown of silk and lace. The room was bustling with people, all congratulating her on the news of her uncle, the king's acceptance of the marriage proposal from the neighboring kingdom's prince.

But Arianna's heart sank as she heard their words, I had made my disdain for that arrogant snob of a prince clear. I turned to look at my aunt, the queen of Aradia. When she saw me looking at her, she made her way to me, her face twisted in a genuine smile. This was the first time I had seen her look at me and smile a genuine smile. I was a thorn in her eyes.

The illegitimate child of her sister-in-law, she must have been the one who pushed uncle to accept the marriage proposal. She was obviously not going to marry her precious daughter to that condescending jerk. That leaves me the spare princess that she can get rid of while securing an alliance with the neighboring kingdom. I know she is not the only one that wants me gone.

The king, my uncle, also has never shown any kind of affection towards his late sister's only child. I am a burden to them, and they have finally found a way to get rid of me.

"Congratulations, Arianna. Finally, you are getting married, prince alexander is a perfect match for you." The queen said, I was forced to smile as there were people milling around the grand hall. Everyone knows that prince alexander is a conceited, pompous, cocky, and presumptuous person to exist.

The prince was an arrogant snob, with no respect for anyone but himself. A life with him would be a living nightmare. Yet, the king had accepted his proposal, and the wedding was to take place in just a few weeks.

I wasn't even given the option to say no. I would have said no if they had cared to ask. Why would they ask me when I was alive because of their kind heart, why would I ever say no, when I was an illegitimate daughter, why would I ever think of rejecting to marry a prince when I was a spare princess?

I focused on the surroundings, I was in the center of the grand ballroom, surrounded by a sea of well-wishers, taming the ferocious storm of emotions raging inside me. This is not the time nor the place to rage.

The room was buzzing with excitement at the announcement.

"Congratulations, Your Highness," one nobleman said as he bowed before her. "Prince Alexander is a fine catch indeed." Is he I wanted to say but refrained.

"Thank you," I said instead, maintaining a forced smile as I shook his hand. But inside, my heart was sinking.

As the congratulations continued to pour in, Arianna couldn't help but feel trapped. I knew that my duty as a princess was to marry and secure an alliance for her kingdom, but I couldn't bear the thought of spending the rest of my life with a man I didn't love.

"Arianna," Cassie came to me with worry in her eyes. "What will you do? There is no way in hell I will let you marry him." a smile pulled at my lips when I heard her. This. This is why she is my best friend, my only friend. "Please tell me you have a plan." and she knows me well.

"I do, my darling," I assured her.

"Arianna!" A very annoying voice interrupted us. "Can you believe the prince agreed to marry you," she said as if it was a surprise to her. Why would he not? Everyone knows that as soon as he saw me the only thing, he said was that he would only marry me and no one else.

"I could not. I was really surprised. How could he agree to marry me when you the most beautiful princess was there?" I said sarcastically. I found out at a very young age to not engage with Tiana. The princess of Aradia. She is a nuisance, it is better for me to act inferior to her, it will make her lose interest in me like right now. With a satisfied smile, she made her way to her mother, thinking she had won. She is as intelligent as a newborn child. Actually, it would be an insult for the child to be compared to her.

I could feel the weight of my fate bearing down on me. I longed to scream out, to tell everyone that I didn't want this, that I couldn't stand the thought of being trapped in a loveless marriage. But I knew that I couldn't, it would only make me look bad in the eyes of the people, making me the center of their hate.

I have to be careful I have to be cunning if I want to escape this marriage. And without a doubt, I will escape this marriage.

They think they can play with my life? They think they can make the most important decision of my life without me agreeing to it.

Let me introduce myself to you.

I am princess Arianna,

But I am not just a princess.

I am the annoyance of my aunt the queen. I am the reason my beautiful cousin Tiana has a ghost haunting her. I am the nightmare of the maids who try to keep me in check. I am the troublemaker the palace guards are searching for. (don't worry, they will never catch me)

And this is my story. I will not let them, or anyone, take away my freedom. I will certainly not marry that joke of a prince.

I have a plan. It might be a very stupid plan. It might also be a bit dangerous. it might not even work. But it is the only way I have for me to get out of this situation.

and I will get out of this situation.

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