Khalifa: Queen in the Apocalypse

[Mature Content] Khalifa Fei, a famed water mage, suddenly woke up into a stupidly enjoyable book about the undead. Although she transmigrated into a cannon fodder who didn't even have a name in the book... she really didn't mind. After all, how could she possibly miss watching the book she liked in the flesh?? What she didn't expect was that there would be so many... distractions along the way. Would she even be able to prepare properly with all these men pulling her to bed? #Space #Magic #ReverseHarem #Polyandry #zombies #apocalypse #Transmigration #R18 #Smut CHECK OUT IMAGES on my KoFi page www.ko-fi.com/heatherreader

HeatherReader · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
270 Chs


Khalifa couldn't help but laugh out loud. 

The man frowned, face still deadpan, but his eyes were looking at her weirdly. In his mind, he was no doubt confused why she was laughing.

It was adorable. 

In her laughing she noticed her state. It seemed that from falling down that height and the succeeding scuffle with the mob, her shirt gained quite a few tears and lost a couple of buttons.

A good portion of her breast had been visible and the sight of her now would make normal men leak. 

But look, this guy showed no reaction at all.

Either he was gay or asexual.

Or a robot.

Whatever it was, she wondered in curiosity. If she were to walk naked in front of him, would he still have no physical reaction?

She knew most asexual people couldn't get sexually attracted, but their bodies could still get aroused. 

She shook her head off the thoughts. This was not the place nor the time for such thoughts.