Khalifa: Queen in the Apocalypse

[Mature Content] Khalifa Fei, a famed water mage, suddenly woke up into a stupidly enjoyable book about the undead. Although she transmigrated into a cannon fodder who didn't even have a name in the book... she really didn't mind. After all, how could she possibly miss watching the book she liked in the flesh?? What she didn't expect was that there would be so many... distractions along the way. Would she even be able to prepare properly with all these men pulling her to bed? #Space #Magic #ReverseHarem #Polyandry #zombies #apocalypse #Transmigration #R18 #Smut CHECK OUT IMAGES on my KoFi page www.ko-fi.com/heatherreader

HeatherReader · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
258 Chs

Interior Room

Khalifa woke up from a very comfortable nap, she stretched her whole body, but hit something warm and she immediately retracted.

She opened her eyes and blinked, realizing her arm hit Kylo's chest. He was leaning down, just watching her when she shifted awake.


"Hmmm," he nodded, leaning down to give her a soft kiss. "Have you rested well?" 

"Hmmm~" she answered cutely and his lips twitched upwards.

"Then…" he said, leaning down again, but this time with intent to stay.

Their lips met tentatively at first before their kisses deepened. Their lips parted, tongues automatically mingling in passion.

His hand went over her buttons. He carefully untied her clothing, knowing Khalifa didn't like her clothing getting damaged unnecessarily.

His breath was heavy as her skin exposed, and he touched her soft skin, sending electricity down her spine. 

And he hadn't even used his ability yet.