Khalifa: Queen in the Apocalypse

[Mature Content] Khalifa Fei, a famed water mage, suddenly woke up into a stupidly enjoyable book about the undead. Although she transmigrated into a cannon fodder who didn't even have a name in the book... she really didn't mind. After all, how could she possibly miss watching the book she liked in the flesh?? What she didn't expect was that there would be so many... distractions along the way. Would she even be able to prepare properly with all these men pulling her to bed? #Space #Magic #ReverseHarem #Polyandry #zombies #apocalypse #Transmigration #R18 #Smut CHECK OUT IMAGES on my KoFi page www.ko-fi.com/heatherreader

HeatherReader · Fantasy
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258 Chs

Another Fall

The trio soon joined the others in the lobby, hands filled with tools necessary for the specialists to do their jobs, at least to some degree. 

They're not complete as they're specialty tools but it was definitely better than nothing.

Well, to Abu and Liam, anyway. At the very least, they still had the experts in search and rescue as well as chemical and hazards, so all was not lost. They just had to be extra, extra, careful.

There were also more basic tools in the set Khalifa brought, given to everyone. 

For example there were multitool which were useful in various basic tasks like cutting, screwing, etc. There were also flashlights, first aid kits, communication devices, as well as ropes and harnesses. There were even crowbars.

Anyway, it was all very amazing.

"Where…" Abu asked, looking behind them towards the door. 

"Coincidence," Hugo said, "You forget we're in a science complex."

"I see…"

That indeed made sense.