Kekasihku Seorang Direktur

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Romansa Kontemporer
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What is Kekasihku Seorang Direktur


Kesedihan Andin mencapai puncak hanya dalam waktu sehari. Setelah orang tuanya batal menghadiri acara wisudanya, Andin malah mendapati kekasihnya berselingkuh dengan sepupunya sendiri. Andin mendapati kenyataan yang lebih buruk saat ia pulang ke tanah air. Sanggupkah Andin menghadapi semua cobaan ini?

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A Love Like Coffee

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Billionaire's Baby Angry

I'm Stacey Alexander, 30, a curvy one, top special agent and a businesswoman. I'm under mission in a VVIP club with my team to hunt down a heavy Mafia head who's loose on drugs and killing for pleasure at his point. While waiting for the bastard, I spot my baby sister in the club at the arm of a young billionaire, posing like an escort by the looks of it, though she should have been in a study night for her Harvard studies! I go bazooka in my head and follow them upstairs to the private rooms, all angry and heartbroken! I'm paying everything for her princess ass! When I land in the private room that has her and other four out of this world men, I get the biggest heartbreak from her words and attitude towards me, I shoot down the main bastard I'm here for, set free my baby sister from under my guardianship, and take a flight abroad on a last minute mission the same night, to detach from my pained heart and disappointment. Upon my return from my mission, my superior announces me that to compensate for the damages I and my team produced in that goddamn club because of our operation there, the owner of it, Brian Stredge, 26, a billionaire and a heavier than that bastard Mafia head, asks my agency to have me as his 'bodyguard' under the cover of a fake fiancée, because he's got deadly threats around him! I go against it because it's under my level to do that! Me?! To babysit?! Get the...out of here! And he's no damsel in distress! He's got an army around him and deadly himself as the big Mafia head he is! This damn playboy and heartthrob is driving me crazy to go on such a mission! But I accept it in the end.... I'm not allowed to refuse.... Oh.... I think I'll end up killing his ass....

Andra-Cristiana Stan · Urban
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mohazzy details the world of the world new is the best way to get a se

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mohazzy · Urban
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