Kebahagiaan yang Hilang

Romansa Anak Muda
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Neyla ingin berkuliah jurusan Perhotelan di luar kota,Namun kedua orang tuanya tidak merestuinya. Neyla Berfikir untuk apa ia hidup jika memiliki keluarga yang utuh ,namun terasa seperti hidup sendiri?

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Shadow Knight :The Princess' Bodyguard

Decades ago, in the Gamel Empire, which comprised of five countries—Glycenia, inhabited by the elementals; Alatrin, home to the witches; Meridia, the domain of sirens; Elysia, where the shifters resided; and Lyra, predominantly inhabited by humans—peace and harmony prevailed as each nation went about their daily lives. However, the stability of the empire came under threat when the King of Alatrin, consumed by a hunger for power, sought to expand his dominion. He set his sights on Glycenia, a country equal in strength to his own. On the day of the King's wedding, The King of Alatrin launched a surprise attack on Glycenia, successfully conquering and subjugating it. Elysia suffered the same fate, their people reduced to slaves under the oppressive rule of the Alatrin kingdom. Years passed, and the horrifying events became part of history, etching their scars into the collective memory of the oppressed nations. The King of Glycenia, having married and fathered children, witnessed the suffering endured by his people under Alatrin's tyrannical reign. His firstborn son, the crown prince, grew to detest the way the Alatrin royal family treated their subjects. He despised the sight of his father being forced to bow before the King of Alatrin, a gesture meant to humiliate and assert dominance. Driven by resentment and a desire for justice, the crown prince vowed to bring Alatrin to its knees. He vowed to destroy the royal family of the Alatrin palace, especially the Queen, and reduce them to the same state of slavery and subjugation they had inflicted on him and his people. His ultimate goal was to restore Glycenia to its former glory, as the Alatrins themselves would kneel before them. However, his path would not be without obstacles. As he infiltrated the Alatrin palace, his sole aim was to eliminate the royal family, until an unexpected twist occurred—he found himself captivated by the princess. She was the last child and youngest princess of  The King of Alatria;the beloved child of the King's favorite wife. She had recently celebrated her royal initiation ball and was in search of an eligible knight to accompany her.           Initially irritated that fate had tied him to her, the crown prince soon discovered that the princess, far from being a frail and delicate figure, possessed a remarkable depth and strength of character. As the tale unfolds, secrets will be unveiled, blood will be shed, love will blossom, and hatred will fester. The journey will be fraught with twists and turns, but only by persisting until the end will you be able to discover the ultimate resolution.

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God's Apostle: Rebirth of a Lazy Genius

[ Fantasy Carnival Newcomer Award Winner ] "Knowledge is Power, But What If The Wise Won't Use It?" Ethan Riddles - A genius among geniuses who never tapped into his true potential because of his sheer laziness and not having any ambition at all. Unfortunately, He was hit by the Good'Ol Truck-Kun while exploring a Mysterious, Newly-Found Temple and died as a result. "I Can At Least Live a Carefree Life In This New World As a Noble." Ethan Thought Will he still be able to live a carefree life in the Power-Driven World of Swords and Magic, Politics and Conspiracies, Gods and Beasts, Kingdoms and Empires? Ethan who simply likes to sit below the trees and watch the drifting clouds as the cold breeze blows over his face—now must use his wisdom and intelligence to protect himself and his family from the enemies. While Ethan believes he can still manage to live a carefree life, he soon catches the glimpse of some mysteries as well as The Wheels of Fate he is unfortunately entangled with. Can he Defeat those who mean him harm with the newfound power and his own wit while living a carefree life? Or does Fate have other plans for him? Extra tags - Noble, Royalty, Wars, Military, Duke, Overpowered MC, smart MC, lazyMC, weirdMC, emotionless, Ruthless MC, politics, Kingdom building, Historical, drama, magic, swords, bloodline magic. Join my Discord if you're interested - https://discord.gg/uYSR3suzEk •Novel Cover Is Not Owned By Me. If you want it removed then I'm happy to oblige.

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Eternal Wolves

"You are so beautiful," A man's husky voice says. He pushes a piece of hair out of my face behind my ear as he kisses my forehead. Electricity surges through my body. Warmth begins rushing over me. I try to look up to see his face, but it's blurry. "I want you…” He whispers in my ear as he gently licks and nips at it and begins kissing down my neck while caressing my breasts. He's making me wet and all I want is for him to never stop. "Take me," I moan, completely surrendering my body to this man and his touch. Arianna Erickson is the last of her bloodline, a direct descendant of the Moon Goddess. You'd think with such prestige to her name, finding her mate would be a walk in the park. WRONG. After multiple failed attempts year after year, the pressure is on as her 21st birthday approaches. She's racing against time, and risks being stripped of her title for it to be handed over to her cousin, Alpha Fenry Magnus. Will she be able to find him before her 21st birthday or will she be too late? Ares Cain Martin is the future alpha of the Freedom Ridge Pack and has been tasked by his father, Alpha Lucian, with finding his mate. His father expects him to start a war to fight for his claim to the throne; the same throne an undeserving she-wolf stands to inherit. As they both search for their mate, tragedy strikes, secrets are uncovered, special abilities are discovered, relationships are formed, and they begin to explore realms with mysterious creatures that could become their enemies or allies. Will their paths collide? Will they be on opposite sides? Or will their quests lead them to a future they never imagined?

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Eternal Realms: The Chronicles of Alathoria

The story follows the journey of Aiden, a young orphan with an insatiable thirst for adventure. His life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers an ancient amulet that unlocks the hidden world of Alathoria, a realm teeming with magic, mythical creatures, and complex civilizations. Aiden soon learns that he is the chosen one, destined to restore balance to Alathoria and unite its scattered realms. Guided by the enigmatic and wise Elara, Aiden embarks on a quest that will test his courage, strength, and resolve. Along the way, he encounters a diverse cast of characters, from fierce warriors to cunning sorcerers, and forges deep bonds that shape his understanding of friendship, love, and sacrifice. As Aiden explores the breathtaking landscapes of Alathoria, he uncovers ancient prophecies, battles rival factions, and confronts powerful adversaries seeking to exploit his newfound powers. The story weaves together elements of adventure, mystery, romance, and political intrigue, keeping readers enthralled as they journey alongside Aiden. Throughout the novel's expansive chapters, realistic and engaging dialogue enhances the interactions between characters, adding depth to their relationships and allowing readers to form emotional connections with each individual. Aiden's personal growth and the moral dilemmas he faces create a relatable and compelling protagonist, while Elara's wisdom and enigmatic past add layers of intrigue and mystery. "Eternal Realms: The Chronicles of Alathoria" is not just a story of a hero's journey, but also an exploration of themes such as identity, destiny, and the power of choice. The novel's intricate lore, richly described settings, and well-developed characters make it a captivating read that appeals to fans of epic fantasy. As the story unfolds across its vast expanse, readers are transported to a world where magic intertwines with the mundane, where love and loss shape destinies, and where the choices of one can alter the fate of many. "Eternal Realms: The Chronicles of Alathoria" promises an enthralling saga that will captivate readers and leave them eagerly anticipating each new chapter.

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