Kashimo Hajime son of zeus (pjo)

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Within the confines of Olympus, three massive figures can be seen arguing, their faces smashed together as if ready for a scuffle. 

These three beings, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, stand on the precipice of a conflict. The reason for their dispute? Zeus, the king of the gods, had broken the sacred oath not once but twice. The tension in the air was palpable, their voices rising like bickering children as the brothers teetered on the edge of a potentially catastrophic confrontation.

"MY SON WILL NOT BE SMITTEN! HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT TO YOUR KING!" Zeus's voice, booming and commanding, reverberates through the halls of Olympus, his anger palpable. 



The imposing beings continue their argument as a woman nearby sighs; she has grown too used to these arguments. Her interest in the newest child of her husband. No longer does she feel the need to have revenge on her husband's bastard children or his lovers?

Her godly gaze pierces through the realm separating Olympus and Earth, her gaze finding a platinum blonde-haired child fighting an angel from the Christian pantheon. Her interest is piqued by the boy's use of his father's divinity. Never has she seen one of Zeus's half-god bastards use their lightning in such a way.

"Oh my..." her voice is intrigued. This isn't the first time her husband has sired a powerful bastard. But never have they been this strong or creative. Usually, they used their lightning in the most prudent and fundamental ways. A quick zap here and there.

The way the boy used it was different, to say the least; he used his lightning much like his father. in overwhelming proportions. His every attack is imbued with it, surprising her since she knows how exhausting it is for demigod children to overuse their inherited divinity.

This made her feel a pang of subconscious fear; she now begins to believe the prophecy the fates spoke of may hold some weight. The boy, not older than ten, fights like the most experienced warrior. Along with the nonstop usage of his inherited divinity. If given six years to grow, he may be capable of defeating most of the Olympians.

"This may not be good," she mutters, observing the fight with massively piqued interest.



Each clash between weapons makes my bones feel like they will grind to dust. Every dodge and near miss makes my heart rate spike. Every graze I land on the seemingly untouchable woman's face makes my grin widen even more.

I am dancing between blasts of light. My face laced in a constant grin, I return fire by shooting a few quick bolts of lighting that unfortunately don't reach their marks. 

Gasping as a light bolt impacts my back, I grunt in pain as my skin burns under the heat of the light. Falling to all fours, I put my stuff in my mouth and run along the ground like a beast.

Lightning dances on my figure. I move savagely, meeting the angel's head in mid-air, going for the biggest feint I've ever made. I successfully fake out the angle. While she goes to block left, I twist my body just enough to land a devastating kick to her ethereal face. 

Instead of celebrating my successful first blow, I grab her hair savagely. Pulling her head towards my open palm, intense lighting hits her face, point blank, sending her flying to the ground.

Slowly falling, I land in a huff, my adrenaline finally fading, but I stay upright. The Nerby family seemed to have fled in their van, as it was nowhere to be seen. The forest around us is destroyed as I grin.

The trench where I put the angle shakes a bit before pure, holy light shoots up in a pillar. An angel flies out, her face mending itself back together. Her face is etched in pure fury as she stares at me in hatred.

"HOW DARE YOU!" her voice is warped as she spots her wings turn black slightly at her tone. 

Dust rises as I stand upright, a look of confusion on my face. I thought angels were pure beings.

"Hey, calm down. Your wings are changing!" I try to reason with her, not wanting to see my most exciting opponent lose her angelic power mid-fight. Not even Kinji gave me as much excitement as her.

Her beautiful face shifts to a severe expression at my words before she sighs and floats down. The look she gives me is of appreciation.

If I could, I'd move to attack her again, but my body is to exhausted. My raging storm of lightning is now only a few sparks. I'm in desperate need of rest. 

Along with my exhaustion, I noticed my body bleeding all over the place. My arms and legs are riddled with 1st-degree burns, and my nose is spraying blood. My left leg also feels like a car hit it. 

My breath is raspy, and my body feels on the borderline of collapse, but I stand ready in case of an attack. Her body moves forward in a blur. She's in front of me. Raising my arms in defense, I get ready to explore my martial arts skills in defending myself.

Unfortunately, getting my guard up wouldn't prepare me for what happened next. Her lips meet mine as my eyes widen. I immediately push her off me and fall on my ass, sputtering.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I can't contain my shock as the angel smiles down at me, her wings still dazzling white despite sinning. 

"Why the hell would you kiss me? You ruined our fight!' I growl in anger as my body finally loses to its exhaustion. As my vision darkens, the last thing I see is her leaning down towards me.