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Author's Review! Well, what happens when you get bored with the same old MC sitting in lotus position and cultivating his life away? Dual cultivation and the fact that only MC could cheat using this without any common sense or logic? Bored with Alchemymaster/Forgemasters/Swordmasters/Formationmasters etc etc etc MC's? Here I present to you a unique way of cultivation, Kama Sutra. Kora Le Blank(MC), a being with a transcendental mentality, couldn't leave behind his sensual desires even though he knew nirvana could only be achieved via letting go of all mortal desires, treads on the demonic path where virtue and sin are non-existent, using rituals as a method to grasp what he so desires--Nirvana.

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I will wait until 100 chapters or more until I start reading this book but I like you as a author and therefore will rate this book 5 stars.


good to read. I want more chapters I give 5 stars for more chapters. give me more chapters... 5 stars for more chapters. I want them.. I need them.. more chapters.


I can do it too!


I think, what do you suppose that I as a reader automatically understand all those religious Indian phrases and sentences words? you really write too confusing, instead of simulating a monk who seeks nirvana, he only resembles a madman speaking strange terms and rambling constantly. I tried, really, but this novel is a big NO, I don't understand what the protagonist is talking about and there is also no explanation for all the foreign terms and the scenes are confusing and the MC has erratic behavior without any sense


good to read. I give 5 stars, I want more chapters. good to read , 5 stars more chapters. reads Good, 5 stars more chapters. Good to read.. Remember I'm the God of war games I said it's good so it's good.


This is just amazing... and I just love egotistical mcs... like the truly egotistical ones...lol... It gives that "the way of a demon lord" vibe or "life of a villain"... the story is amazing... Although I don't like the idea of the mc succumbing to the queen and just going along with her plans.. but I'm sure that will change as the story progresses