94 Wake up to Reality

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--- Chapter 93 ---

"What do you think?" 

"Should we destroy this place?" 

The Frozen Cloud Asgard's disciples trembled upon hearing Yu Long's nonchalant comment as if their sect had no weight or value in his eyes.

And he doesn't seem to be bluffing.

No, why would he bluff? He has the Lost Heaven Sect backing him.

With a simple comment and a lift of a finger, Yu Long could have destroyed anything beneath him.

However, Yu Long was pretty tame most of the time. He wouldn't do something that did not catch interest.

It's just like what Chu Yueli wants. The Frozen Cloud Asgard must be free from its chains.

"Qingyue, I'll let you do the honor." Yu Long glanced at his fiancee and ordered Chu Yueli to make a chair. 

Sitting on the ice chair, Yu Long watched Xia Qingyue giddily walk forward with a charming smile.

"Ayaya, this is going to be loud." Cang Yue put on a helpless expression.

Jasmine tilted her head and commented, "The ice palace in front of us is decently strong. I don't know how strong Xia Qingyue was, but a normal attack shouldn't be able to scratch the ice palace." 

"From my observation, each ice crystal used in the palace is millennial jade ice, which is very tough." 

"I'm surprised a low star like this could accumulate so much millennial jade ice." 

"Don't worry, Jasmine. In front of Xia Qingyue's [Ocean Quake Symbols], almost every defense becomes meaningless." Yu Long responded calmly.

There is a hint of proudness in his sentence, which left Jasmine appalled for a second. Jasmine pouted because she couldn't trust Yu Long's words.

If Yu Long knew what Jasmine was thinking, he would cut her dessert consumption for a day or two.

"Jasmine, watch Xia Qingyue's performance well. She would show you a power that could destroy the world!" Yu Long added while crossing his arms.

'Keep bragging! This princess won't believe you.' Jasmine rolled her eyes at this young man's antics.'

"Senior, can you make an ice chair for us too?" Cang Yue asked Chu Yueli.

Chu Yueli nodded and waved her hand, creating an ice chair for Cang Yue to sit on because the show was about to start.

The princess of Blue Wind Empire sat on the chair, "Thank you." 

'Let's see how powerful Qingyue is...' Jasmine focused her attention on the back of the young lady.

Xia Qingyue breathed in, feeling her dress flutter because of the icy wind.

She grabbed the corner of her coat and mumbled, "The air resistance is not bad." 

"If you don't want to get injured, I recommend you to stand behind Big Brother." She glanced at the Frozen Cloud Asgard's disciples. She felt pity for these girls because they never experienced the emotion that is love.

The low-level disciples of Frozen Cloud Asgard nodded like a chicken and hurriedly ran behind Yu Long. 

"Frozen Cloud Asgard's Palace Mistress. I'm Xia Qingyue, Yu Long's number-one fiancee from the Lost Heaven Sect. I give you three seconds to appear and admit your mistake!" Xia Qingyue used profound strength to amplify her voice.

"If you don't come out in three seconds, I'll destroy your sect's front gate." 

"..." Cang Yue's mouth twitched.

What do you mean by Yu Long's number-one fiancee?

'Hmm, Qingyue, you're playing dirty. We have agreed to compete for Yu Long's heart fairly.' Cang Yue's gaze becomes colder.

The Blue Wind Empire's Princess puckered her lips, "Fine, you're the one who started this." 

Even Yu Long had a weird expression when Xia Qingyue introduced herself. "Aih, this girl..." He sighed while rubbing his forehead.


Inside the Frozen Cloud Asgard's palace, a beautiful woman frowned as she sat on her throne. She looked down and sensed a unique presence standing on the front gate.

"Master." Another woman appeared. She wore an icy blue robe and veil, covering her beautiful appearance.

However, even with all those fabrics over her body, the woman still exudes this beautiful aura.

"Yuechan." The Palace Master, Gong Yuxian, nodded calmly. "What happened at the front gate? I thought we had prepared for the arrival of the Lost Heaven Master's disciple?"

Chu Yuechan lowered her head and replied, "We did, but it seems we are offending him instead." 

"Explain..." Gong Yuxian's expression darkened.

Chu Yuechan opened her mouth and weakly said, "As Master instructed, I arranged the low-level disciples with beautiful appearance to greet the Lost Heaven Master's disciple." 

"However, it seems he wants you to greet him personally..." 

"He's looking down on us too much! Why should I, the Palace Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard, greet him? Hmph, he doesn't give us a face about seniority." Gong Yuxin smacked her armrest in dissatisfaction.

Before they could continue, Xia Qingyue's amplified voice reached the palace master's room.

"Frozen Cloud Asgard's Palace Mistress."

"I'm Xia Qingyue, Yu Long's number-one fiancee from the Lost Heaven Sect. I give you three seconds to appear and admit your mistake!"

"If you don't come out in three seconds, I'll destroy your sect's front gate." 

"Yuechan, I want you to de-escalate the situation. If possible, talk with the Lost Heaven Master's disciple and bring him here." Gong Yuxian ordered.

Chu Yuechan was surprised by the order but still nodded. She turned around and walked out of the palace mistress's room.

She was about to reach the front gate when a young lady in white stopped her path. 

"What's the meaning of this, Junior Jing." Chu Yuechan recognized the young lady as Xue Jing, the sole disciple of her younger sister.

Xue Jing calmly stared at Chu Yuechan, "Second Master, I'd like to advise you..." 

"Advice? What kind of advice could you give me?" Chu Yuechan felt aggravated.

Xue Jing smiled, "I advise you not to do something reckless. The young lady who stood before our front gate is not ordinary..." 

"Also, don't rile her emotions up, or you'll regret it." 

"Nonsense..." Chu Yuechan ignored the advice and walked past the young lady in white.

Xue Jing helplessly shook her head and used a sound transmission, "I've tried, Master(Shadow Bride). Your older sister is such a stubborn woman."


Chu Yueli received the sound transmission and sighed, "Older sister, you're done for." 

She looked up and saw Chu Yuechan descending from the front gate, landing a few meters away from Xia Qingyue. 

Xia Qingyue gazed at the newcomer and admitted the woman in a blue robe was a charmer, but that didn't mean she would give her an easy way out.

"Who are you?" Xia Qingyue asked with an amused look.

"Chu Yuechan. The disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard's Palace Master." Chu Yuechan introduced herself without beating around the bush.

Xia Qingyue was hit by the realization, "Oh, so you're Senior Yueli's older sister."

"You did look a bit like her." 

"Senior Yueli..." Chu Yuechan squinted her eyes and noticed Chu Yueli far behind. The woman in question calmly stared at her head with a disappointed look.

'Yueli, you changed so much.'

Chu Yuechan's eyes widened in shock because her younger sister's hair somehow had become completely white-like snow. 

Not to mention, Chu Yueli's appearance is also akin to an ice goddess now, very different from herself three years ago.

Near Chu Yueli sits a young man in a purple robe. He has mid-length black hair tied in a short ponytail and golden eyes that penetrate through one's soul.

'So, that youth is Lost Heaven Master's disciple. He's strong. I can't gauge his cultivation base...' Chu Yuechan thought solemnly.

Xia Qingyue suddenly appeared beside Chu Yuechan and said, "People say you're the number one beauty in the Blue Wind Empire and tied with Senior Guan, but that doesn't seem to be the case." 

"You lack warmth. Well, as expected from a sect that cultivates ice dolls."

"Also, it seems your Palace Master looks down on my warning. I said to get herself here within three seconds, not you..." 

"That would cost you a gate." All of a sudden, Chu Yuechan's whole body shivered in fear. 

Xia Qingyue leaked her presence slightly, allowing Chu Yuechan to grasp the reality the Frozen Cloud Asgard was about to experience.

She slowly turned around and watched Xia Qingyue raise her delicate finger, tracing the air. A white symbol with a 'tremor' character appeared and hovered in the air.

"No..." Chu Yuechan paled in horror.

Xia Qingyue pressed her finger gently against the symbol, unleashing a violent shockwave. 

"Wake up to reality." 


The Frozen Cloud Asgard's front gate was hit by an intense shockwave, causing the whole palace to wobble back and forth. Ice crystals exploded one after another, causing heaven and earth to be full of ice dust.

It was such a beautiful and terrifying sight for Chu Yuechan.

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