Kaiju Maker in Another World

After getting hit by a truck, Hayate Kurogami experienced something bizarre. He arrived in alternative world and awakened as Kaiju Maker. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave this world. Sacrificing himself for goods, Hayate reincarnated to another world. A cultivation world filled dangers and charming beauties. Watch our protagonist become stronger, adventuring the vast universes to achieve the highest realm. 1st World: Against the Gods Hi, everyone. This is Nine Clouds. This is the rewrite of my previous work, Kaiju User in Another World. My writings aren't the best, but I hope everyone enjoy it~! Note, I don't own any characters or worlds beside my OCs. Cover: Ekina 1217

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The Depth of Power, More and More Kaiju

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--- Chapter 73 ---

After knowing he had a younger sister, Yu Long could only accept this bundle of joy wholeheartedly. 

He swore not to spoil Yu Mei too much because it would be a recipe for disaster, but if someone dared to mess with his sister, that person wouldn't see another day.

Laying down on the comfortable bed he hadn't touched for three years, Yu Long finally released a sigh of belonging. A pleasant smirk formed on his handsome face as he felt at peace.

He closed his eyes and muttered, "I recovered nearly 70% of my past life memory already. The function and skills of [Kaiju Maker] have grown smoother in the past three years." 

"I didn't have much problem creating a superior Kaiju with an inferior essence sphere anymore." 

"Unfortunately, I barely could remember the two women back then." He sighed helplessly. Maybe there is indeed a price of reincarnation, such as forgetting some memory.

He could grasp their appearances but not their names or voices.

"I hope they are living well." Yu Long commented while opening his eyes again. 

He clenched his hand and added, "My vitality is overflowing. I should do something with it." 

"One of [Kaiju Maker]'s essential skills. Raising ability's grade by using my vitality." 


[Five Great Harmonic Senses]

Dragon-Phoenix's Sight (SS)

Lazy King's Ears (S)

Snake God's Tongue (SS+)

Wilderness Emperor's Nose (S+)

Heavenly Touch (S)


[Sensory Ability]

Profound Sense (SS+)

Echolocation (S)

Ripple Sensing (A+)

Abyssal Mark Hunt (C+)

Danger Sense (S+)


[Auxiliary Ability]

Omni-Regeneration (F)

100,000 Poison Immunity (S+)

Elemental Immunity (D)

Pain Immunity (A)

Thoughts Acceleration (SS+)

Chimera King's Stomach (B)

Inner Organs Modification (S+)

Size Alteration (S)

Photosynthesis (S)

Adaptable Body (B+)


[Combat Ability]

Body Strengthening (SS+)

Extreme Acceleration (A)

Unconventional Movement (S)

Bio Electricity (SS+)

Elemental Control (A+)

Poison Manipulation (S)

Presence Nullification (C)

Dragon Scales Generation (A+)

Iron Blood Wings (B)

Muscles Augmentation (SS)

Thousand Beasts' Claws (C)

Silk-like Thread Creation (D)

Ultimate Predator's Gaze (A)

High-Speed Petrification (D)

Bone Manipulation (SS)

Igniting Blood (S)

Smokescreen (A+)


[Rare Ability]

Improved Growth (S+)

Self-Purification (S)

Insect Voice (A)

Insect Emperor's Vision (A+)

Plant Control (S+)

Chimera Metamorphosis (A)

Illusionist (D)

Kaiju Synchronization (F)

Profound Incarnations (SS+)

Spatial Phasing (B)

Corrupted Light (S)

Dark Iron Creation (S)

Phoenix God's Soul Cry (B+)

Dragon God's Soul Roar (B+)

Dragon-Phoenix Transformation (A)

Future Sight (D)


[Devoured Skill]

Weapon Refiner (A)

Trap Making (S)

Herbology (S+)

Medicine Making (S)

Tool Making (SS)

Metallurgy (SS+)

Medical Knowledge (SS)

Martial Arts Insight (SS+)


[Core Skill]

Kaiju Maker's Vitality (Unlocked)

Kaiju Maker's Authority (Locked)


[Forbidden Skill]

Kaiju Overdrive (Unlocked)

Kaiju Sacrifice (Locked)

Kaiju Eruption (Locked)



Great Slime Emperor/Woby (SS)

Mutant Desolate-Bite Butterfly/Yume (S+)

Spiritual Emerald Phoenix/Yuyan (SS+)

Spirit of Mountains/Tanky (S)

Wolf-Dragon Commander/Shogre (S)

Ghostly Living Armor/Mori (S)

Thousand-Eyed Deep Sea Leviathan/Levy (S)

Scorpion-Tailed Demon King/Muzan (S+)

Immortal Asura Berserker/Heracles (SS)

3,000 Tons Ant Queen/Semu (S+)

Nine-Knot Grim Ichthyosaur/Oni (S)

Ugly Mirror Monster/Xaca (S)

Space Walker/Uda (SS)

Crimson Duke of Midnight/Borne (SS)

Goblin(Dokkaebi) Lord/Soobin(S+)

Corrupted Unicorn/Alexandra (S+)

World-Devouring Tyrant Dragon/Zilong (SS+)


"I will upgrade some abilities to S-grade." Yu Long commented as he transferred his vitality into essence spheres in his body. After feeling warm energy disappearing in his chest, Yu Long chuckled because this method is more effective than training.

However, this method also has a downside. Yu Long has to adapt to the newly upgraded abilities, but it wouldn't take long usually.

'Master, do you want to have a booze?' A deep voice rang in Yu Long's head.

'Not now, Soobin.' Yu Long responded casually.

'Well, it's your loss.' The Goblin King returned with a laugh. Fourteen of Yu Long's Kaiju gathered and enjoyed their time in the Inner World, excluding Tanky, Yuyan, and Zilong.

Tanky hasn't moved from the Drifting Cloud Mountain Range. He is always the last fortress of Yu Long's family.

As for Yuyan and Zilong, they are having a Disneyland experience around the Blue Wind Empire.

Yu Long's mouth twitched as he clicked, "Whatever, enjoy your time well." 

"Because tomorrow, I'll assign something to some of you guys." 



"Good night." Yu Long shut their telepathy and drifted to sleep. 

The next day.

 Yu Long woke up and found Hong Guan and Lily on the bed, hugging him tightly. Chu Yueli sat on a couch not far away, dozing off silently.

You might think, where are Xia Qingyue and Cang Yue?

Xia Qingyue has returned to the Floating Cloud City with her father to grab something. She would go to the Lost Heaven Sect and meet Yu Long there in two or three days.

As for Cang Yue, she also went away with her father and returned to the Blue Wind Imperial City. It's been three years, so Yu Long understood how homesick the girls and lonely the parents were.

He also missed his parents and grandparents, after all.

Placing blankets over Hong Guan, Lily, and Chu Yueli, Yu Long washed his face and called a Kaiju, "Semu." 

"Yes, my lord?" A swirl appeared on the sink, revealing a finger-sized creature with a black exoskeleton and tiara-shaped antennas.

"You will be in charge of protecting my sister from now on. If her life is in danger, I give you the right to eliminate any possible threat."

The 3,000 Tons Ant Queen lowered her head and responded, "I'll fulfill your order, my lord. Should I change my form or stay like this?" 

"Do it as you fit." Yu Long swept his hair with cold water.

"Very well." The Ant Queen disappeared from Yu Long's sight. 

Near Yu Mei's cradle, countless black ants under the control of the 3,000 Ant Queen appeared and camouflaged themselves. Yu Long sensed this from his room and nodded in satisfaction.

Although Semu isn't the strongest Kaiju, Yu Long knows very well her ability is suitable to be a bodyguard. Not to mention the ability to create worker ants swarms, Yu Long was confident no one could hide from her detection ability because he made her that way.

Don't look down on Ants' size. They are predators on their own. 

Yu Long learned this fact after unlocking part of his past life's memory, where a whole country is 'literally' overrun by trillions of mutant ant monsters.

Those mutant ants have short lifespans. Yet they could multiply in a fraction of a second.

It was a spine-shivering and horrible sight, but thankfully, Yu Long's previous life self had Kaiju Maker.

"Yu Mei's protection is done. I should start investigating the other Continents." Yu Long rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"One has other races, which is more pleasing for the Kaiju Maker." 

"But the other Continent has a beast from the Age of Gods..." 

"Uugh, this is a difficult choice." 

He clasped his hand and continued, "Fuck, let's explore both. I would eventually get to the Azure Cloud Continent anyway, thanks to a certain tournament that would get held soon." 

"Levy, Oni. You two stand by on the nearby beach." 

"Roger!" 2x. A male and female voice echoed in Yu Long's mind.

At the same time, two lights escaped Yu Long's inner world and went to the nearby beach. 

He glanced at Chu Yueli on the couch and mumbled, "I still have two or three free days." 

"Maybe I should visit the Frozen Cloud Asgard to settle the Calamity they are afraid of. Wait, I didn't know what kind of state that sect is currently in after the female Shadow Agents invaded it..." 

Knock! Knock!

Someone knocked on the door of Yu Long's room.

"Yu Long, let's have breakfast together~!" Yu Xin's voice enters the room.

Yu Long's expression loosened as his lips curved into a happy smile, "I'll be there in a minute!" 

He hasn't eaten his mother's food for three years. So, this makes him rather excited.

Yu Long was more excited than finding God's Legacy on the other Continent.

Hehe, priority!

Hearing Yu Xin's shout, the ladies also awakened from their sleep one after another.

"Morning..." Chu Yueli said while stretching her alluring body.

"Haa... So relaxing." Hong Guan yawned and rubbed her thighs before Yu Long's eyes.

"Did someone say bread?" Lily rubbed her eyes sleepily. Her sleeping robe is literally falling off her shoulders.

Yu Long stared at them respectfully because he was a healthy young man and coughed, "Morning." 

"Wash yourself up." 

"My mother is waiting for us in the dining room." Yu Long felt something was rising.

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