Kaiju Maker in Another World

After getting hit by a truck, Hayate Kurogami experienced something bizarre. He arrived in alternative world and awakened as Kaiju Maker. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave this world. Sacrificing himself for goods, Hayate reincarnated to another world. A cultivation world filled dangers and charming beauties. Watch our protagonist become stronger, adventuring the vast universes to achieve the highest realm. 1st World: Against the Gods Hi, everyone. This is Nine Clouds. This is the rewrite of my previous work, Kaiju User in Another World. My writings aren't the best, but I hope everyone enjoy it~! Note, I don't own any characters or worlds beside my OCs. Cover: Ekina 1217

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Qualitative Changes, More Kaiju

--- Chapter 37 ---

One year has passed.

After returning from the Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Range, the Phoenix Clan. 

Many things have happened.

First, The Shadow Realm expanded its force outside the Blue Wind Empire more actively this year. They have successfully made branches on every empire in the Profound Sky Continent and controlled the economy from the shadow.

Yes, this includes the Divine Phoenix Empire.

On the other hand, the control Yu Long has over Blue North County is 'completely' absolute. No one knows besides his trustworthy people. 

In this Blue North Domain, the Shadow Realm is the strongest!

Yu Long only has to utter a word, and something insane will happen immediately.

Even then, Hong Guan is usually the one who takes control of these matters.

She recently cut the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress's business and made them lose ten years of income. They would never recover from it.

The Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress will experience 'accidents' from time to time when their bomb-making session fails due to gunpowder's blunder and kills their own disciples. Of course, this had nothing to do with Yu Long.

The once mighty sect in the Blue North County is a joke now. 

Their recruitment plummeted rapidly.

They might not even recruit any disciples this year.

However, this isn't enough suffering. Hong Guan has told Yu Long to leave the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress to her.

Yu Long agreed, but he'd join the fun soon. 

After all, there was one more year before the scarlet dragon woke up and razzed the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress to the ground.

Well, let's stop with mundane things.

Yu Long researched more about 'Primordial Energy' because he had Yuyan now. He has some successful outcomes but also failures.

Yuyan told him what lacking isn't Yu Long. The world around them is the problem.

The Era of Gods has ended, indicating any primordial lifeform couldn't continue to live. There might be some cases, but those are very rare and extreme.

Still, Yu Long found a way to generate 'Primordial Energy' after thinking about it deeply. Surprisingly, it was Xia Qingyue who gave him the idea.

Xia Qingyue suggested using another world. Yes, a world that could accommodate Primordial Energy.

With that in mind, Yu Long modified his inner world to generate 'Primordial Energy' by tracing Xia Qingyue's innate physique as she was 'actually' once incubated inside a Divine Stainless Body.

It was a huge success.

Primordial Energy is a higher and purer version of the Profound Energy that everyone uses. Not only does this force strengthen everything, but it also bestows additional benefits such as Immortality.

It's not True Immortality, but old age won't be a problem anymore.

Primordial Energy is also godly for nurturing kaiju.

Why so? Yu Long infused Woby and Yume with Primordial Energy daily for a week, and they evolved.

Woby turned into Mutated Slime King, becoming A+ Grade Kaiju. It gained one more ability called the Great Water Domain.

Yume evolved into the Desolate-Bite Queen Butterfly, entering S-Grade just like Yuyan. However, she only obtained two new abilities called Dream Domain and Transformation. 

In her new form, Yume is a young girl around the age of Xia Qingyue. She had flowing, soft black hair and wore a tight black suit with a maroon-colored cheongsam above it.

After Yume gained this ability, Yu Long confirmed that kaiju could get human transformation when reaching S-Grade. Unless he added transformation ability when creating them, that is.

Yume also developed profound veins, allowing her to cultivate a profound way. In the past, she could control Earth Profound Beasts easily, and now even the Emperor Profound Beast is a shrimp in front of her Psychic Force.

If Yume tried her best, the Sovereign Profound Realm would have a hard time, but that doesn't mean she could defeat them. Yume and Yuyan fought each other several times, but the latter always won.

Yuyan commented that Yume lacks an understanding of her given abilities.

Well, Yume is only one year old, so it's understandable.

Now that Yu Long has synthesized Primordial Energy. He can explore [Kaiju Maker] more.

In just this year alone, Yu Long has made three more kaiju. 

He could create more, but the amount of Primordial Energy he can produce is limited. Four months is the time he needed to condense a ball-sized Primordial Energy.


Kaiju No. 4

Species: Spirit of Mountains

Grade: S

Abilities: Heart of the Mountains, Ultimate Defense, Earth's Shaker, Gravity Control, Eruption, Absolute Sleep, Rock Movements, Stone Warriors Creation, Transformation

Given Name: Tanky


Kaiju No. 5

Species: Wolf-Dragon Commander

Grade: S

Abilities: Thunderer's War Beast, Extreme Movement, Thunderclouds Caller, Wolf-Dragon's Howling Charge, Giant Predator, Dragon's Fear, Emotion Rod, Transformation

Given Name: Shogre


Kaiju No. 6

Species: Ghostly Living Armor

Grade: S

Abilities: Armor Generation, Extreme Fortification, Cloning, Ghost Flame, Adamantite Quality, Darkness Control, Immortal Body, Transformation

Given Name: Mori


Tanky, Shogre, and Mori are Yu Long's new kaiju.

They are the guardians of Yu Long's faction.

Tanky has replaced the Drifting Cloud Mountain Range, several hundred thousand kilometers long, and acted as an impregnable fortress for Yu Clan and Shadow Realm's main base.

Although Tanky's body is 'extremely' massive, he can still move with gravity but prefers to sleep and save his stamina.

Shogre is the executioner in the Blue County North. Many legends about a massive wolf creating thunderclouds and killing anyone with ill intentions appeared 'once in a while' because of her.

And lastly, Mori.

If Tanky is the Fortress and the Shogre is the Executioner, then Mori is the Life Guardian of the Shadow Realm. Mori could create millions of armor with enough materials, lowering the death rate among the shadow agents.

Yu Long created Mori with the crystallization of a kindred soul. That soul originated from a dying female shadow agent who wished nothing but to protect her fellow comrade.

Yu Long respected her wish and gave her a second chance to live. Thus, Ghostly Living Armor was 'originally' created. 

Mori is the second kaiju created from a soul, with Yuyan being the first.

Until now, the Three Guardians have improved the livelihood of Yu Long's faction.


Drifting River City, Yu Clan.

In a spacious bedroom, a black-haired youth slowly opened his eyes.

He yawned drowsily, seeing four beautiful ladies sprawled over his king-sized bed.

"Haha, any man would be jealous..." Yu Long chuckled helplessly.

"Well, I'm living a good life."

The four beautiful ladies are Xia Qingyue, Hong Guan, Lily, and Yuyan.

It started a couple of months ago.

Lily sleepwalked like usual and intruded on Yu Long's bedroom, crawling onto his bed. Not to mention, Lily was a nudist when she found a comfortable sleeping space.

Yu Long has warned Lily to stop doing this several times, but it doesn't solve anything. So, she gained a pass to his bedroom.

Xia Qingyue, Hong Guan, Yuyan couldn't accept this.

If Lily can, then they also could sleep in his room!

They left no room for negotiation as they trespassed Yu Long's sacred bed zone in their sleeping gowns.

At first, it was awkward.

Xia Qingyue is a young girl. So, she blushed for weeks before getting comfortable enough to hug Yu Long in her sleep. 

Weirdly, the adults don't stop her from sleeping in Yu Long's bedroom.

Well, as long as nothing sexual happens, it's safe.

After Xia Qingyue and Lily sleep, Hong Guan and Yuyan tease him with their bodies. Yu Long is a growing man, so their teasings affect him.

It was not until the third week that Yu Long developed the pressure-point technique and made them whimper in defeat.

One touch is enough to make the Dragoness and Phoenix lose their minds in heat, admitting their wrongdoings. 

However, they started to enjoy his pressure-point technique one day and asked to get punished.

Yu Long understood Yuyan because it was her nature, but Hong Guan behaved similarly, rendering him speechless.

Then, he turned the table around. If they want to experience the pressure-point technique, they must behave.

Of course, none of these are sexual.

Don't doubt Yu Long. He's an honest fellow.

"Bread, Bread..." Lily hugged a bread-shaped pillow. She wore a green sleeping robe, exposing her white flat stomach.

"Hmm..." Hong Guan wore a red silk sleeping robe, which exposed her thick white thighs. She slept soundlessly with her crimson hair scattered on the bed.

"Hehe, Master~! Punish me more. Yuyan is hungry for your cu..." Yuyan mumbled in her sleep.

The horny phoenix wore a loose black sleeping robe with more open areas, enhancing her assets bravely.

"..." Yu Long's eyes twitched as he kicked the phoenix to the corner of the bed.

He sighed and looked at the young girl, hugging his left arm. Unlike these ladies, Xia Qingyue sported a puppy-themed blue pajamas.

It makes her look adorable, which healed Yu Long this morning.

"Qingyue is still the most adorable." Yu Long gently caressed Xia Qingyue's hair.

After that, Yu Long left the bed and washed his face. 

He opened the window and stared at the sunrise. 

"Welp, like they said. New day, new journey." Yu Long's lips curved into a smile.

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